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1/32 F-8J VF-24 Crusaders Nose art in Vietnam decal sheet

product # ZTZ32027  Price  US$25.00

by Steve Bamford on Mar 24 2009 



This new 1/32 decal sheet from Zotz Decals features 5 different USN VF-24 Fighting Renegades F-8J's in high viz markings from 1972. 

The aircraft include;

  • F-8J BuNo 150311 Code Sign "Bulldog"

  • F-8J BuNo ?? Code Sign ??

  • F-8J BuNo ?? Code Sign "Thunder"

  • F-8J BuNo 150932 Code Sign "Gator"

  • F-8J BuNo 150670 Code Sign "Pirate"

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Markings are contained on 4 decals sheets.  Package also includes 3 pages of instructions with photos of the noseart on all 5 planes.  The instructions are brief, but oddly enough they cover everything you need to build any of these jets.  One page of instructions includes 4 view line drawings showing the placement for each of the many stencils.

Paint color codes are called out in FS numbers.  

Special thanks goes to Jonathan Skean for allowing Zota Decals to use his personal photos and text. 

This is 1/32 and these were new jets at the time, so a full set of stencils is included.....lots of stencils.

I get a kick out of seeing the older jets with their brighter markings and Zotz Decals always seems to come through with aircraft that feature artwork.  This aircraft is good to see.


I would like to thank Zotz Decals for providing me with this review sample.

Photos and text by Steve Bamford