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1/48 IDF Weapons Set

Product #48001

Review Article by Dave Johnson on July 8 2009


The Box contains 16 grey and 4 clear Injection plastic sprues and two decal sheets for stencils.

The kit contains –

  • 4x Rafael Python- 4

  • 4x AGM-142 Popeye

  • 4x GBU-15

  • 4x Rafael Spice

On the back of the box are the call outs for the decals and paint guide. The paint call outs are done in the Mr Color range, but it wouldn’t be too hard to covert them to your favorite paint range.

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The details on the parts are well done, the engraved panel lines are fine and not to deep, the molded detail is also finely done.


Each missile body is spit in-half, expect for the Rafael Python-4 body which is one piece. Each missile requires the fin’s to be attached, which fit quite nicely when dry fitted.


These would a nice addition to any Israeli subject.


I would like to thank Lucky Model for providing me with this review sample.

Dave Johnson

Photos and text © by Dave Johnson