1/48 F-105 Thunderchief wheels & paint masks

 product # 4414 for Trumpeter kit

Product article by Steve Bamford on Nov 10 2009


This latest release from Aires features wheels & paint masks for the F-105 Thunderchief from Trumpeter.

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The quality of the resin casting is flawless and bubble free.  The tires have tread that looks very realistic.

The detail on the front and back side of these wheels is crisp and rich, these will be a lovely addition to your next 1/48 F-105 Thunderchief from Trumpeter and the paint masks will make your life much easier when it comes time to paint.

You can purchase this and other fine resin detail items directly from Aires or from the many retailers that carry their products.  A list of some of those retailers can be found here.    


I would like to thank Aires for providing me with this review sample.

Photos and text by Steve Bamford