Werner's Wings

1/48 Messerschmitt Bf-109V-13/V-14 Air racers and Record Setting Conversion set

 product # WW 48-01 RVD for Tamiya Bf-109E3 kit for $25

Product article by Steve Bamford on Nov 4 2009


Limited edition of only 250 sets.

This latest release from Werner's Wings is a resin Conversion set for the Messerschmitt Bf-109V-13/V-14 Air racers and Record Setters and is designed for the Tamiya Bf-109E3 kit.  This decal sheet includes 3 different aircraft. These aircraft are from the 1937 Dubendorf Air Races and  I first heard of them about 10 years ago and I've been fascinated by the red aircraft ever since.

Included in this set is:

  • Resin nose

  • Separate chin piece for the underside of the nose so you can fit the kit radiator and splinter plate.  

  • 2 prop spinners depending on which aircraft you build

  • Landing gear covers

  • Vac-u-formed canopy

  • 2 resin panels with bulges for the top side of the wings

  • Decal sheet with all the markings you'll need

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The quality of the resin is a bit on the rough side and not the same quality you would expect from the big resin manufacturers, so you really should get some very fine sand paper to sand the resin parts a bit to polish them up before you paint them and a tiny bit of filler will be needed as well.  Nothing serious.   

The 5 pages of instructions include all you need to build any of these aircraft.  This set is pretty straight forward, but you either have to be patient or have a tiny bit of experience cutting up kit and installing resin bits.  This isn't rocket science, but go slow and test fit everything to get it all perfect before you haul out the CA glue. 

This set will require a bit of effort and work.  You will have to cut off the kit nose and do some smaller bits of cutting to make room for the resin parts in this set.  You have a choice of building 3 different aircraft, but the obvious choice is the Red Wine colored Bf-109, but that is just the one I like....you may prefer building one of the other two.

The vac-u-formed canopy is a real beauty with it's raised framing.  The decal sheet is beautifully printed by Cartograf.

I'm quite excited to see someone release this set.....these were very historic aircraft and were the show pieces that lead to the production of the Bf-109E and the red one was flown by WW1 Ace Ernst Udet.

This set is limited to only 250 sets and considering it is only $25, this is definitely worth picking up if you like the BF-109 or Luftwaffe aircraft.

You can purchase this and other fine resin detail items and decal sheets directly from Werner's Wings website.  


I would like to thank Werner's Wings for providing me with this review sample.

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford