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1/48 Corsica B-25J Mitchell Bombers Part 3

Product # 48-BS-0003

Product Article by Dave Johnson on Dec 16 2009


Newcomer to the aftermarket decal scene is Bombshell Decals based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Owned and operated from home by Michael Kloppenburg with the help of his wife Cheryl. Michael has a degree in Graphic Design and is the chief designer of all of Bombshell Decals products. Michael has a passion for modeling, and formed Bombshell Decals. To create decals for subjects he enjoys and hopes that others will enjoy them as well. Michael’s goals are to provide modelers with well-researched subjects with the finest quality.

Bombshell Decals launched on the 1st October 2009 with 3 impressive decal sheets in 1/48. All the first three releases are B-25J Mitchell’s that served in the Mediterranean Theater with beautiful Pin-up art on the noses. Each sheet contains markings for two aircraft. The intended kit is Revell/Monogram.

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Corsica B-25J Mitchell Bomber Part 3 sheet, has markings for 2 aircraft of the 340th Bomb Group, 489th Bomb Squadron, based at Alesani, Corsica.

“Miss Rebel” SN# 43-4016, on this sheet she has two options of her name. She had a black line painted through the Rebel portion of her name; this was done to quash the superstitions that her name attracted too much FLAK during missions.

“Solid Jackson” SN# 43-27752, Finished her career with 70 or more missions. Again there is not much information on her, but she carries a pin-up girl pulling her skirt to reveal her pantyhose.

Also included on the sheet are stencils for the props and some generic placards that can be used on the landing gears and the engines. There is enough for both aircraft. Also are four “Star and Bar” national insignias.

The sheets have been printed by the world leaders in decals, technology Cartograf of Italy. The sheets have been printed in a limited run and are probably the best I have seen. The detail and the artwork of the pin-ups are outstanding! There is almost no decal carrier film visible also.

The sheets are available direct from Bombshell Decals at US$16.00 plus shipping and handling and he also accepts Paypal.

He has few more releases planed including sheets for P-38 Lightening, B-26 Marauder and the E-2 Hawkeye in all popular scales.

I would like to congratulate and Thank, Michael on his work on the first releases and providing me with review samples.

Dave Johnson

Photos and text © by Dave Johnson