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 1/72 (1:48) Bell P-39 Airacobra in USSR Lend-Lease markings

 product # 72-18 (48-18 tbc)

Product article by Anatoly Sushon on Nov 18 2009


They are unstoppable, aren't they? Seems like these guys work round the clock for us producing fourth set in a month! The Red Stars lovers please welcome 1:72 Authentic Decals set covering Bell P-39 Airacobra aircraft supplied by USA through Lend-lease scheme and successfully served during WWII in USSR in rather large numbers.

You probably are getting accustomed now to what I am about to tell you. That's right, the quality of these decals is very good. They are clearly printed and all the emblems and national insignia are in perfect register. The lacquer layer is also very thin.

You get stencils and national insignia, tactical and flight numbers and emblems in the set. There are 2 pages of instruction sheets showing decal placement and camo layout. The set traditionally packed up in a zip plastic bag with cardboard sheet which prevents it from bending. The back side of it is the colour guide covering some of the 14 options provided by the manufacturer. Lets get inside the package.

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  • Option One is P-39N, 21 GIAP 23 GIAD, 1943 no flight number. The aircraft purchased with the Krasnoyarsk young communists funds of which the sigh on the fuselage informs

  • Option Two is another P-39N from the same squad. And again, this aircraft purchase was funded by the Krasnoyarsk young communists of which the sigh on the fuselage starboard side informs

  • Option Three again is P-39N from the same squad but this aircraft purchased for Krasnoyarsk workers funds with the corresponding sigh being placed on the aircraft fuselage

  • Option Four is P-39Q-25 four bladed propeller from 213 GIAP 22 GIAD, Red 100 Flight

  • Option Five is P-39N 21 GIAP 23 GIAD, 1943. This aircraft purchased for  Krasnoyarsk peasants funds and the sign on the fuselage confirms that

  • Option Six is P-39Q-5, Yellow 93 Flight belonging to Lieut. Filatov of 30 GIAP 273 IAD, Poland, Sept 1944

  • Option Seven is P-39Q from 66 IAP 329 IAD, Bydgoszcz (Poland), 1945. Interestingly, this Aircraft has got its Russian Red Stars painted over USAF National Insignia

  • Option Eight is the Airacobra I that fought over the Polar Circle. It's a Yellow 5 Flight the top surface of which was painted white

  • Option Nine is P-39Q-30 from213 GIAP 22GIAD, 1945. It's a White 110 Flight whose Red Stars were painted over USAF national Insignia

  • Option Ten is P-39Q White 4 Flight, an aircraft belonging to Lieut. Mariinsky from 129 GIAP 22 GIAD serving in 1944-45

  • Option Eleven is a White 21 Flight P-39Q belonging to Capt. Shikunov from 69 GIAP 23GIAD serving in 1944-45. The Red Stars again were painted over USAF National Insignia on this aircraft.

  • Option Twelve is P-39K from 329 IAD fought in winter 1943-44, a White 13 Flight

  • Option Thirteen is my favorite! This is a P-39Q aircraft belonging to Capt. Tuchinsky from 21GIAP 23 GIAD which fought in 1943. This plane has the sign FOR ODESSA meaning it was fighting to avenge my native city taken by the Nazis in 1941.

  • And finally, Option Fourteen is the Airacobra I belonging to Lieut. Gabrinec from 19 GIAP, 1942

Again, interesting approach from Authentic who this time entered US territory but managed to keep to their RED STARS specialty. This is more then welcome from us as there are few more Land-Lease aircraft that need covering. BTW, this set will soon be available in 1:48 scale under the product code 48-18

You can purchase these decals either directly from Authentic Decals via e-mail: or from, NKR Models in Australia, Hannants or Aeroclub  both in the UK, Peter Herrmann or Modellbau Huber both in Germany, Mondoridotto or Misterkit both in Italy, Artur or Modelimex or Hobbyshop all in Czech Republic, Jadar-Model or Martola or Karaya or IBG Models or Andrzej Malysz all in Poland, Model Kit or Club TM or Aviapress or Hobbyshop or Goldenhobby all in Russia and finally Stevens International or Internethobbies or Joe's-Models or Rollmodels or Greatmodels or J-Bar Hobbies or Rosemonthobby all in USA.

I would like to thank Oleg Degtyar from Authentic Decals for the sample.

Enjoy your modeling!

Anatoly Sushon

Photos and text by Anatoly Sushon