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1/48 MD-3 Navy Tractor with 3 figures

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Product Article Article by Nick Moore on Jan 25 2010


This kit is small – just a few pieces that go together well – not perfectly – but good enough. It captures most of the detail you’ll find on the real vehicle with scope to add some small scratch built items. If you dig around there are some excellent reference photos available on the net that show how messy these working vehicles can be. The photos of my built up example show this weathering with a little extra paint work to make it pop. 

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The figures are good but with the improving quality of 1:48 figures elsewhere they could be even better. A good paint job will really bring them up to spec – again reference photos show how dirty these uniforms can be. You get two identical tractors and two sets of decals in this box along with three figures so it’s a good deal. Hey what about some deck section to go with it?

These are nice accessories that will inject some great supporting detail into your carrier deck or airbase scene (go on…do those figures!). My thanks to for generously supplying these kits for review.

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