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1/32 Brothers in Arms 1: Warsaw Pact MiG-23Ms & MFs

 product # LHD32009

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Oct 6 2010


This new decal sheet from Linden Hill Decals is the first in their series dedicated to the MiG-23and it's many variants.  'Brother in Arms 1' covers the Warsaw pact era early service history of the MiG-23M and MF from 1976 through to the recognized end of the Cold War in 1991. 

This decal sheet features 9 different MiG-23 from 5 different countries including the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Poland.  You get a wonderful variety of camo schemes.

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The aircraft included on this decal sheet include the following:

  •  MiG-23M "Yellow 49" with the 787th IAP, Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, Eberswalde-Finow AB, Brandenburg, GDR in 1976.

  • MiG-23M "Blue 02" with the 152nd IAP PVO, Ak-Tepe AB, Turkestan Military District, USSR in 1978.

  • MiG-23M "Blue 92" with the 5th "Berlinskii" GvIAP, Group of Soviet Forces South, Sarmellak-Zalavar AB, Hungary in 1989.

  • MiG-23MF "Red 870" with the 18th IBAP, Dobroslavtzy AB, Bulgaria in 1976.

  • MiG-23MF "Red 08" with the 1st Squadron, 47th Fighter Wing, Papa AB, Hungary in the mid-1980's.

  • MiG-23MF "Red 04" with the 'Stromfeld Aurel' Home Defense Fighter Wing, Papa AB, Hungary in 1990.

  • MiG-23MF "Red 222" with the 1st Squadron, 57th Air Group, Mihail Kogalniceanu AB, Romania in 1982.

  • MiG-23MF "Red 117" with the 28th PLM, Slupsk, Poland, in 1989.

  • MiG-23MF "Red 121" with the 28th PLM, Slupsk, Poland, in 1990.

The 5 pages of instructions include 3 view colour profiles of each jet showing the layout of the camo schemes.  Some history in included for some of the MiG-23s on this decal sheet.  Colours are called out in AKAN paint #'s as well as the approx. FS #.

Linden Hill Decals are experts when it comes to markings for Soviet built aircraft and this decal sheet is another in a long line of top quality decals from Linden Hill Decals.  This sheet gives you some very exciting camo and markings choices for the 1/32 Trumpeter MiG-23.

I would like to thank Linden Hill Decals for providing me with this review sample.  You can buy this decal sheet directly from the Linden Hill Imports website.

Steve Bamford

Photos and text by Steve Bamford