Balkan Models

1/72 MiG-21 Exercise markings decal sheet

Product # BM-7202  Price 6 Euros

Product Article by Dragan Cvetic on Dec 22 2010


Here I present you the new decal brand from Slovenia called Balkan Models.  This is a new decal company that makes specialized decal sheets.  Their second sheet that came out in the start of October 2010 is the BM-7202 set called MiG-21 exercise markings that features 6 different aircraft during the air manouvers of the JRV I PVO(Yugosalv AF and Air Defence) during the period of 1960-1992.  

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The decals are high quality printed with a very little or no visible film that is one of the thinnest decals films I have ever seen and used.  From each set an average modeller can build two complete aircraft including stencils for one complete aircraft.  I have already used these markings on my MiG-21 bis from Zvezda in 1:72 and I can recommend them to anyone that wants to build an accurate representation of the Yugoslav MIG-21's in the 72 scale.

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Balkan Models Team

Dragan Cvetic

Photos and text by Dragan Cvetic