1/32 MiG-23 Splitter Plates

Designed for the 1/32 Trumpeter MiG-23

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Aug 26 2020



Zactomodels has been seriously committed to providing the builders of 1/32 Russian jets with some very high quality detail items and correction sets and this latest set provides resin Splitter Plates for the Trumpeter 1/32 MiG-23.  

This set from Zactomodels provides new splitter plates, new intake trunk blades that mount inside the intakes, plastic strip to make new supports between the splinter plates and the fuselage and mounting pads for the fuselage.  This set includes 24 resin pieces and some styrene strip to complete this set.  As you can see in the above photo, the Splinter plates are loaded with delicate recessed detail (over 4,000 "holes" were added to each splinter plate) and this detail looks much nicer in person than it does in the photos.  The beauty of this set is the fact there are support rods between the splinter plates and the fuselage.  This adds a very involved level of fine detail that is lacking on the Trumpeter MiG-23 and it addresses the accuracy and shape issues with the Trumpeter kit.  


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There is also a problem with the shape of the Trumpeter intakes and the fix is shown in the photo above.  Basically you cut the top corner of the intake......pry it apart and insert some styrene into the corner to correct the shape of the intake opening.  There is an in-progress thread on the ARC forums that shows you how to correct the shape of the intake opening.  That thread includes some photos and text that explains the whole's pretty easy and the results are well worth the effort in my humble opinion.  You should also thin the forward edge of the intake and this is explained in the same in-progress thread on the ARC Forums.

Resin casting is of a very high quality and all the detail is very well done with no air bubbles.  This new resin set from Zactomodels will permit modelers to take their 1/32 MiG-23 to a much higher level of detail and accuracy.  Zactomodels have out done themselves on this correction set.

Check out the Zactomodels site for a selection of MiG-23 missiles and pylons to further dress up your MiG-23 with a proper weapons load.

I would like to thank Chris at Zactomodels for providing me with this product sample.

Steve Bamford

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford