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1/35 AH-1W exhausts

Product # 35-07 for $25

Product Article by Floyd S. Werner, Jr. on Mar 30 2011


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OK after much work and delays I am proud to announce the release of the 1/35th AH-1W turned exhausts, set# 35-07. I'd like to publicly thank Randy Smith, Gino Quintiliani, and Chris Baretta for their help in making this conversion happen. All these gentlemen helped in some form or another with this project. Thank you guys. It is people like you that make helicopter modeling fun.

AH-1W exhausts are $25 each. Here they are just sitting on the model without glue or paint.

For now you will not see these on the website as I'm trying to get it updated. Just as an aside, once I do get it updated there will be a slight rise in some prices as the price or resin and/or reproduction has gone up. Until the update hits the streets the prices are the same as listed. So if you wanted to order and were waiting for a better time, now is that time.

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Werner's Wings  For now, the price per shipment is $5 INSIDE the US and $7 OUTSIDE the US regardless of how many items you order. Again this will have to go up a little bit as well once the website gets up to date. You can pay Paypal at fwernerjr@comcast.net

Thanks and I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do.

You can purchase these and other fine resin detail items directly from Werner's Wings website.

Floyd S. Werner, Jr.

Photos and text by Floyd S. Werner, Jr.