Maestro Models

1/48 SAAB JAS39 Gripen boarding ladder

Product # P4806 for Italeri 1 and 2 seat Gripens

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Aug 31 2011


This pre-painted new photo etch boarding ladder from Maestro Models is and designed to fit the Italeri family of Gripens (single and two seaters).

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This item is made by Eduard for Maestro Models so you know it is good quality photo etch.  You will be required to do some 90 bends, but thankfully the are groves in the photo etch along the fold lines to make the process much easier.  I folding tool such as you can buy from The Small Shop does make folding photo etch much easier.  

The cool thing about this ladder is it folds over on itself to give the ladder correct scale thickness.  You also get an additional larger (wider) top step that slides over top the regular top step and I'm assuming this wider top step is for the repair crews when servicing the aircraft....maybe to hold tools and parts etc.

There are also little wheels for the bottom of the ladder.

The instructions are clear and include 2 pages to help you with assembling this ladder.  

This is a very well designed ladder and I am impressed with the design and the thought that went into getting the small detail right on this ladder.  You can buy this ladder direct from the Maestro Models.  They also have a massive selection of detail items mostly relating to Swedish jets, so drop by their website to see more cool detail items.

Steve Bamford

Photos and text by Steve Bamford