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1/48 F-4 VF-84 "DEM BONES!" decal sheet

Product # 48-002 for $15.00

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Oct 25 2011


This new decal sheet is Part 1 of Vagabond Decals "Original Rhinos" series, featuring VF-84 Jolly Rogers F-4J and N Phantoms. Five aircraft are on this sheet, including the 1965 SEA War Cruise.  These decals are designed to fit the Hasegawa F-4B kit.

Special thanks goes to Paul Minert, AAHS.  

The 5 aircraft include some of the wild paint schemes worn by the adversary jets including one jet with cartoon artwork. 

  • F-4J Phantom BuNo. 151516 CVW-7 CAG Bird aboard USS Independence during the first War Cruise to WESTPAC/Viet Nam, May 10 -Dec 13 1965.  Plenty of mission markings on this jet.

  • F-4J Phantom BuNo. 153779 is an early F-4J flown with ballast in the nose instead of  radar while upgrading from F-4B at NAS Oceana, VA in the summer of 1969.

  • F-4N Phantom BuNo. 152253 is an early F-4J in USS Roosevelt markings.

  • F-4J Phantom BuNo. 155858 fully mission capable F-4J after returning from a Mediterranean cruise with CVW-6 on board USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA 42) Jan 2 - July 27 1970.

  • F-4J Phantom BuNo. 157274 as flown by the Jolly Rogers during Air Wing 6's 1971 Med cruise on board FDR from Jan 29 to July 23 1971.

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The 3 pages of instructions are clear and include 4 color views of each aircraft.  The decals are beautifully printed on 2 decal sheets.  You get enough stencils and national insignia to build 2 of these jets.  Decals are printed by Microscale.

The F-4 Phantom is a legendary jet and this decal sheet captures the Phantoms with one of the best known and most loved Squadrons....VF-84 Jolly Rogers.  These 5 Phantoms are from the 60's and 70's when markings were hi-viz and more appealing to the eye.  If there was ever a reason to build a Phantom....this sheet is the best reason....VF-84 can't top that.

I would like to thank Vagabond Decals for providing me with this review sample.

These decals are available directly from Vagabond Decals.  

Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford