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1/72 Tu-4 Bull (B-29) Chinese AWACS/AEW Conversion preview

New Product info from Meteor Productions on Apr 26 2006 



Tu-4 Bull (B-29) Chinese AWACS/AEW Conversion for the Academy/Minicraft B-29 or KB-29 kit. This huge set contains the parts necessary to convert the B-29 to the Soviet-built Tu-4 Bull, as modified by the PLAAF to use the large AI-20K turboprop engines and a huge AWACS radome mounted above the mid-fuselage. This is a HUGE set, and it includes the decals! This model is sure to be the center of your collection--an "eye magnet" for everybody who ever sees it!

$   42.99

A full review will be on ARC when the review sample becomes available.  

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