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1/48 RA-5C Forward Fuselage/Canopy/Fin Correction preview

New Product info from Meteor Productions on May 5 2006 



RA-5C Forward Fuselage/Canopy/Fin Correction Set for Trumpeter. The 1/48 Trumpeter RA-5C front fuselage has numerous shape errors, including being too wide and not having the "mae west" or "double bubble" shape along the bottom of the canopy and spine. Our set corrects these errors, and even includes clear cast windscreen, pilot's canopy, and rear cockpit cover. It also includes a correct pitot tube to fit our fuselage and a correctly sized and shaped upper vertical fin to replace the too-short and misshapen kit part. This set is necessary to correct BOTH the early (Dash 8) and late (Dash 10) variants of the RA-5C. Note that correct intakes with full intake throats are available separately in sets CEC48487 (early version) and CEC48488 (late version). (Please note the canopy parts are shown in gray here for visibility; the parts you will receive are crystal clear resin castings!)


A full review will be on ARC when the review sample becomes available.  

Dave at Meteor Productions

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