1/48 P-40 Tomahawk Early Square Back Seat

Product # 48256

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Aug 5 2014


This is a set of a resin 1/48 P-40 Tomahawk Early Square Back Seat with Wide Lap Belt Harness from Ultracast.   This seat is suitable for Flying Tigers (A.V.G.) Aircraft.


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Clean up is very minimal and the seat come attached to the casting blocks with very easy to manage connection points and removal is easily done with no loss of detail.  The detail level and casting quality is flawless. 

The seat are a major focal point on models and this seat will really improve the look of the cockpit in the 1/48 P-40 Tomahawk.  

You can buy this and many other detail items directly from Ultracast.

Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford