Apr 6/2001                Photo forwarded to ARC by Jorge Moreyra

As you are all aware....a US EP-3E and it's crew were recently in a collision with a Chinese Shenyang F-8 fighter.  Here is a picture of an Chinese Shenyang F-8 fighter allegedly taken from an US EP-3E on a very recent mission.  

Below you'll find the contents of the e-mail that came with this picture.  I have no idea if any of the text or this picture actually relate to this current news item.  For all I know this picture could be 3 years old...the hand gesture could be  a "Hang Loose" signal and all the text below could be faked, but I figured it was interesting all the same.  Make of it what you will. ARC Editor

This was forwarded to me from a former student of mine.  I think the hand gesture of the Chinese pilot in the Shenyang F-8 is the equivalent of the American version of giving someone the finger.  


The son of a good friend of mine is part of the crew on that P-3 that got forced down in China. but happened to not be on this mission.  I deleted the names but as the picture shows the Chinese pilot liked to get close and express his feelings!
That was my son's airplane that was forced down in China, Thank God he wasn't on it at the time!!!!!  He says this Chinese pilot has been after his plane for months trying to hit it, I'm glad he finally succeeded, but here is the picture of the Chinese pilot from a previous flight.
Luckily I was not on the flight but this guy got us last time I was.  Pretty f*cking close though.  I hope our guys get back in one piece, as well as our plane.

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