Tomcat Convertible

Photos and text by an unknown Internet source


The Tomcat Convertible with top down

In November 2002, while training in Nevada, VF-213, an F-14D squadron, was tasked with giving a Familiarization Flight to an officer from one of the Aegis Class Cruisers.  Apparently this individual's harness straps were not properly adjusted.  While pushing negative Gs he began to float out of the ejection seat.  In order to readjust his position he reached down and grabbed that little yellow and black stripped handle.  Bang!  The next thing he knew he was no longer in the Tomcat.  He landed with minor injuries, was rescued and the Tomcat was recovered safely at NAS Fallon (defineatly a very breezy and noisy ride back).  Unknown if it will ever fly again.  Damage is listed as Class A. Please not that the Modex on this jet is 101. I bet the squadron commander was NOT happy with the condition his personal jet was returned in.

Recently VF-213 lost another Tomcat. Cause: Fuel starvation during landing; Poor fuel management by the aircrew. Crew ejected behind the ship as they lined up to trap.