F-15E Crash at RAF Lakenheath

by Steve Bamford


On Runway 24 on September 12th 2000 at 18:45pm the F-15E "97-0203" from the 492nd FS "Madhatters" 48th FW RAF Lakenheath was returning from a Stateside deployment in Red Flag when this crash occurred.  The picture was taken just a few hours after the incident at Lakenheath.                                                   

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The F-15E did not just blow a tire, the left main gear failed to rotate out parallel to the runway. So, the aircraft began to bounce and the cart wheeled up onto its nose.

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The nose separated from the aircraft and the WSO was smashed into the dirt, off runway, where he broke one arm and almost completely severed the other at the shoulder. The WSO did eventually make a full recovery and go back to flying.  The pilot was only bruised up.  
The aircraft was a write-off.  

For more info go to this very informative article http://www.aetc.randolph.af.mil/se2/torch/back/2002/0203/airborne.htm

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Below is a picture I found on the net of this plane before it crashed.  This picture is credited to "SJ"