ARC'ers Web Pages

Who can have one?  

Anyone that contributes an article to ARC.....or any member of the Test Post Club from Rec.Models.Scale Newsgroup or any ARC regular visitor.

What pictures are preferred?

 A picture of your yourself, modelling workbench...have your favourite drink sitting on the workbench.....Coke, Pepsi, Water, Beer Wine etc...whatever you like.  This is because the Test Post Clubhouse has a bar in including the drink in your photos is part of the inside joke.  You can either be in the picture of your workbench or just send a picture of your workbench and or's your choice.


What other pictures?

A picture of yourself if you'd like.

A picture of your kit stash is always interesting if you want to include that.  

Also a picture of some pathetic little structure you want to call your home.  Steve Bamford has a mud garden shed on his page he calls his "home".  We're not interested in pictures of your real home (due to security concerns) or pictures of mansions (due to security concerns).  Try to find a picture of some pathetic or amusing structure....the goal with this picture is to make people laugh.

Also a picture of your display case full of models would be interesting.


How many pictures are allowed?

Up to 4.....but you can combine many little pictures to create one larger will be 600 wide.


What else is needed?

A bit of text telling about yourself......what type of kits you like to build and any other info you care to share.


Where do I send all this?

Send it all to Steve Bamford....he'll do the rest.

Please remember...regular ARC content will get priority over the vanity pages, but Steve Bamford will try to do one of these per day.  Your patience is appreciated. 


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