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From E D Models, England

Dear Sir's

I am writing to inform you that on 8th May 2004 E.D. Models will close its doors for the last time.

The reason for closing is a very simple one. With the very heavy commitments of the business I simply am not seeing enough of my 6 year old daughter (from my first marriage).

I would like to thank all customers and friends world wide who have supported
E. D. Models throughout the years and made it so enjoyable.

Thank You All

I have been very lucky to have been involved in an industry and hobby that spans the world and brings so many people of so many different creeds, backgrounds and views together, in the simple quest of a glue that won't string and a matt varnish that will dry matt!
Truly I believe this is a magnificent period of plastic modelling and I see a wonderful time ahead for this hobby. Long may it continue

This will also mean that I can build a few more kits and I should be able to see a little more of the model shows than I have over the past years when I have had a trade stand.

Once Again Thank You

Andrew Deeley

PS. We will be closed for some earthquake repair work to the building between April 23 until April 28. Re-open April 29.

PPS Yes we currently have a grand clearance sale.

PPPS. The Airwaves range. I am talking to a number of companies about
the range and so it should continue under new ownership

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