Grumman EA-6B Prowler

The photos in this walk around were taken by Marc Bourque, Mike Dougherty, Calvin Cochran and Bruce Mackie.

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The 4 photos directly below were taken by Bruce Mackie.

wingfold wingfold wingfold wingfold


The 11 photos directly below were taken by Calvin Cochran.

Canopies open, 01, GJT, 9-97 Front cockpit, from port, canopy closed, GJT, '89 Tail hook attachment, well, from aft, GJT, '89 Tail hook, down, from aft, GJT, '89


Inspection panel locks, HI-TECH, (DUCT TAPE!!!)  GJT, '89 EA-6B, VX-9, from rear stbd qtr, GJT, 9-97 Midsection, wing details, from aft port qtr, GJT, '91 EA-6B, from aft stbd qtr, GJT, '91


Centerline fuel tank, main gear, from aft, GJT, '89 Vert stab details, from aft, GJT, '89 Wingtip, port, GJT, '89



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