A-4M Skyhawk

Exterior photos with custom artwork done by the very talented artist Gary Campbell

These photos were taken by Gary Campbell

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The exterior of A-4M "Viper 01" can be viewed at the Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Association.

The 47 photos directly below were taken by Gary Campbell

I have manually pushed the leading edge slats back to their "in flight" position. On the ground and at low approach speeds they would slide
forward and down. 
A-4M VMA-131 on DET.  Note 3 different colors of ECM blisters A-4M 1994 Overhead view of A-4M showing extended slats, gun gas diversion Vanes, enlarged profile of A-4M model intakes. Angle rate bombing system.


Last single seat Marine A-4.  Retirement artwork featuring stylized call-sign on "Double Nuts". Visible are the hydraulic accumulator gauge, avionics cooling 'NACA' scoops crank hole in LWR right is to open nose Left side of Viper 00 A-4m  Note ''snow cone'' ECM antennas below nose A-4M  Horizontal vane below rescue arrow is to divert gun gas away from intake.


A-4M  Wing root cannon. Panel opens under the wing for tie down. A-4M gear retraction test.  good view of open panels. The "Aero Rack" adaptor holds the AIM 9 Sidewinder launch rail.


A-4M Yellow Catapult hook (portside).  Main gear and door.  Note red stripes to check if there is unwarrented gear movement.  Also visable is centerline fuel tank hard point. Just above are shell ejection slots. The vertical seam infront of the air intake is the separation point for the fuselage and empenage A-4M Skyhawk  Counter balanced airleron and vortex generator tabs. in hanger for repaint. The fully deployed Flap is painted a gloss red that quickly faded to flat. Note the dark gray wing walk strip which is covered with an extremely rough anti-slip


Note additional antennae above the star on rudder and on spine Navy TA-4J of VC-8  Max deflection of horizontal elevator.  Note added mission specific antenna above star  A-4M Skyhawk.  Clips on speed brake are RATO assist mounts Speed bake detail and tail hook. Note rubber drain lines at the lower edge of the fuselage.


A-4M 158422 on service dolly 1991 "M" model tail removed and mounted on it's service trolley A-4M Skyhawk  Note ECM "hotdog" on top of tail.  Also see drag chute housing below exhaust.- Drag chute housing. A-4M  Good view of rear "snow cone" antenna


Note live MK84 Snakeeye retarded bomb Open Lox door.  rear ant's, para brake housing, tail hook.  Note reinforcement strip for tail hook snubber and RATO attachment clips on speed brakes.  View of stabilizer RAM is visible when "Elephant Ear" panel is removed/  Ribbed rudder is counter balanced and quite heany The raised fuselage strip is a reinforcement to absorb the tail hook snubber impact.  The silver clips on the speed brake are for RATO bottle attachment. Drum like canister holds the drag chute of "M" models and Blue Angels"F"'s


VMA-131 preflight insp.  MAG-49 1992  NAS Willow Grove A-4M Skyhawk VMA-131  Artwork I applied and designed to honor VMA-131's WW2 vets R/S Viper 01  artwork 1998 Gary J. Campbell A-4M VMA 131 My design for the last Marine A-4 1994 Gary Campbell


R/S Viper 01 R/S of Viper 00 A-4M formation lights.  Note round lamp under wing pylon & main gear detail. A-4M centerline tank starboard side.  I've done a lot of varied nose art but this was my favorite.


YUMA DET Retirement markings by Gary Campbell R/S Viper 00 A-4M Gear retraction test A-4M Gear retraction test.  Good view of refueling probe


A-4M Gear retraction test Detail of steerable nose gear A-4M 1994.  Hinged rear door is for RAT (Ram air Turbine) Front Panel access console and interior cables that connect stick to flight controls.   A-4M 1993 ARBS Lens flanked by ECM blisters.