Hawker Hunter 

These photos were taken by Chris Highes, David Lindsay and Dave Wadman.

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These 5 photos directly below were taken by Chris Highes of an old Hunter PR 10 at Duxford clearly show the positions of the cameras.

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The 5 photos directly below were taken by Dave Wadman of Experten Decals (makers of top quality highly researched WW2 Luftwaffe decals) and Graham Newitt and Mick Shipperley. 

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(Swiss Hunter F.58 more or less a Swiss version of the FGA.9)

Close-up view of the enlarged 'Sabrina' link collector and right engine intake blank.
Hunter 105 on a wet & windy day at Duxford showing to advantage the 'blast deflectors' on the Aden cannon blast tubes and the enlarged 'Sabrina' link collectors which were a feature on these exported aircraft.  For those curious about why the name 'Sabrina' was given to these link collectors, suffice to say that they were named for a young and well endowed  English female television star of the late 50' and early 60's.
Three-quarter starboard front view of 105 that gives another view of the Aden 'blast deflectors' .


Close up view of the nose gear and starboard Aden 'blast deflectors'.  The yellow 'bar' and wingnut visible at the top of the nose gear leg is a part of the nose undercarriage ground lock which, along with the main gear groundlocks, was something that was always a feature of parked Hunters, regardless of Mark.
Close-up view of the starboard blast deflectors, nose gear and antenna immediately behind the nose gear bay.


These photos directly below were taken by David Lindsay

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5 6   main gear 7   main gear 8   nose gear


We'd like more pictures of this plane.
9   nose gear