These photos were taken by Todd Pomerleau

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Photo #4 is a Jaguar kill marking....and here is the story behind that.....  Back in the early 1980's, there was a major air exercise going on in Germany. One of the RAF Bruggen Jaguars was rolling home after a successful sortie against the bad guys, when a patrolling air defence Phantom from RAF Wildenrath spotted him.  
The Jag was almost within range of home and thinking of dropping everything to come into land...  The Phantom pilot starts going through the drills and, in the heat of the moment, forgets that his weapons are all "real", not drill rounds. This was something to do with an outfit called 16 Air Army a few miles across the Iron Curtain and the QRF Phantoms were usually bombed up with real rockets! (See what's coming yet??)
The Phantom jock gets to the bit where he releases the missile and "Oh Shit!!!" - off goes a 'winder!  All hell breaks loose in the air as the Jag gets a hint that something's not right and he manages to bang out just before the impact.  The Phantom jock goes through various shades of grey and scuttles off for home, his passenger probably giving him a bad case of earache...  The Court of Enquiry admonished (as I recall) the Phantom crew and resulted in some mods to live-armed aircraft (I am almost certain that it involved black duct tape over certain switches...) and a couple of cases of champagne (the good stuff) were sent over to RAF Bruggen for the Jaguar Sqn.
That's it in a nutshell...Any questions?
Chris Hughes


Photos directly below were taken at the airport in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Apparently, it has since been scrapped. I'll have to ask a friend over there if this is true. It is also responsible for the inadvertent shot down of a Jaguar, hence the markings (on both sides) Hopefully someone can fill us in on the details of this.

The 11 photos directly below were taken by Todd Pomerleau

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