L-39 Albatros

Photos taken at Quad Cities Airshow  July 2000

These photos were taken by Steve Stohr 

Steve Stohr is the proud owner of North American Hobbies online hobby shop.

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bottom fuselage, under wing.  note bored guy sitting under the tail...

same view, slightly different angle. Right side of nosegear Oxygen gauge on nose of a/c


Nose of aircraft

area directly in front of nose gear

Left side of nose gear

Note mechanical landing gear indicator on nose


View of canopy from front left

left forward fuselage

Intake, splitter plate on left side

Left foreword fuselage, and air intake


Front canopy, from left side

Area directly behind front ejection seat

front canopy rail

rear ejection seat, bulkhead


foreward fuselage under cockpit

wing root, left side

Air inlet, same bored guy under tail of plane

bottom side of wing.


APU outlet

Horizontal stab and elevator, note vortex generators

fuselage section over trailing edge of wing

fuselage behind wing, right hand side of a/c


fairing on top of wing, over flap

Same fairing, close up.

Wing to tip tank joint, note fairing

Same, from front angle.


Rear canopy, right side

front canopy, right side

Air Inlet on right side of nose.



Left landing gear

Left tip tank, inside view

Left tip tank, outer view, with nav light

Flap actuator fairing, left wing


Left landing gear

Landing gear

Fuselage over wing, left side.

left rear fuselage


APU outlet, close up


Vertical Stab and rudder, left side

Vertical Stab and rudder, right side


Rudder Actuator

horizontal stab/elevator, right side

right side of aft fuselage

horizontal stab/elevator, right side


right rear fuselage section

fuselage section over right wing

Right landing gear, as seen from outboard of gear

Outer view of right tip tank, w/ nav light


close up of front end of tip tank

another view of the fuselage section, over the wing

Rear cockpit, and intake, right hand side

right hand intake/splitter plate


Intake under cockpit, right hand side of a/c

View of front ejection seat, and area directly behind it, taken from the right hand side

View of rear ejection seat, and bulkhead, taken from the right hand side.

crappy attempt at getting an instrument panel photo, but you can see some detail of the front canopy frame


another poor attempt at a cockpit shot, but some canopy rail detail is visible.