T-2C Buckeye

Photos taken at Quad Cities Airshow  July 2000

These photos were taken by Steve Stohr

Steve Stohr is the proud owner of North American Hobbies online hobby shop.

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General view of aircraft, from right side Nose Gear, as viewed from right side Nose gear, as viewed from front Intake, left side of aircraft


Overall view of nose, from left side View of cockpit section of aircraft, from left side View of wing to fuselage joint, left hand side Left main landing gear bay, and inner door



View of left landing gear Close up of wheel, scissor joint on left main landing gear Clear fairing over light in wing Nav lights on left tip tank



Nav lights on outboard side of left tip tank view of left main inner gear door, and intakes on left side of fuselage Left landing gear, viewed from the rear Another view of the intakes, under the left wing, taken from the rear



Exhaust, left hand side of aircraft Exhaust Tail of aircraft, viewed from the left hand side view of arrestor hook mount, from right hand side of aircraft



view of end of arrestor hook, from right side view of right hand side of fuselage, behind the jet exhaust nozzles View of right side of fuselage, under wing close up shot of same area as previous picture



Right main landing gear, viewed from rear Inside view of right tip tank Nav lights housed in the tip of the right wing tank Nav light, and access panel on the outboard side of the right tip tank


Right inner landing gear door, and intakes view of right side of fuselage, in the cockpit area view of nose, from the right side of the aircraft close up of nose, showing sensors


We would like some cockpit shots of the Buckeye, if you have any available, please forward them to us at ARC!