A-10 Warthog

These photos were taken by Craig Baumer, Tracy & Jeni Saulino and Terry Sumner.

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These 3 photos directly below were taken Terry Sumner at the Quonset Air Show in the late 1990's.

Gear Nose gear Ladder Starboard side of nose


These 6 photos directly below were taken at McChord Air Force Base by Tracy & Jeni Saulino.

underside details middle of left side Left side of nose gun nose gear nose gear


The 43 photos directly below were taken by Craig Baumer.

 Instrument panel. Note the yellow filter over the Mav screen and the little light post that were added during the NVIS mod  shot of l/h instrument panel and windshield bow. note all the controls that are mounted to the bow left hand console r/h console and side wall detail (NOTE the LACK of the air conditioning outlets these were removed during the mid 80's when the hog got INS, Several resin kits include them and they're wrong)


shot of deck behind seat showing canopy jettison cartridge Close up of the 8mm VTR installed on A-10ís from 1997-on
Shot looking over top of the seat showing various details The metal tubing is for the canopy defog/defrost
Shot of pilots helmet bag holder note: this may be a 175th wing mod only it was where the thermos bottle was originally when delivered from Fairchild


close up of marking on ACES 2 seat  Right hand canopy bow showing compass correction card, canopy breaker tool and canopy manual open assist handle. General forward fuselage shot of  79-0175 104th FS 175th wing MDANG (my Jet!)  general shot of the l/h fwd fuselage note the AOA cove and water intrusion plugs


 Shot of crew ladder and door (note the little door to the right of the ladder, this is the ladder, canopy and intercom connection. Generally if the ladder is down this little panel will be open) close up of the OUA decal shot of l/h wingtip showing NVIS lights and form lights and pos. lights and anti collision lites Shot of the l/h wing with the aileron in the neutral position, note how the outbd portion is flush with the camber of the wing (save for the fixed trim tab) and the inbd side sits proud of the flap track.


Shot of C/F dispís on the wingtip (note; canisterís are installed flush in the wingtip and no par of the canister is visiblw)  rear ĺ shot of the wheel well chaff flare dispensers (note labels on C/F Cans) Shot of wheel well C/F disp from behind and underneath Previously censored by TPC security staff till the release of the Two Bobs decal sheet


shot of left hand wheel well looking aft Close-up of APU exhaust showing APU exhaust deflector installed in the last few years 
Aft fuselage, showing vents APU Inlet, fuel vent, and antennae
 shot of the l/h vert stab showing the radar altimeter antenna's and "slime light"


 tail showing RWR "bugeyes" and lights  Previously censored by TPC security staff till the release of the Two Bobs decal sheet shot of l/h elevator trim tab (note trim tab actuator rod ) aft fuselage showing formation lights


  upper fwd fuselage. note how the upper formation lights are not on the C/L of the A/C right hand, main landing gear, viewed from the front shot of the right hand, main landing gear:  note door geometry. right hand wheel well, looking forward


right hand wheel well looking aft nose wheel well,  looking fwd. the big tank is the windshield wash tank and the 2 vertical bottles are hydraulic  accumulators   Nose wheel well looking aft. Note the Engine diag. box and aerial refueling fuel line.  shot of the nose landing gear strut 


Pave penny laser detection pod. I took the cover off for the photo it is usually on, on the ground Previously censored by TPC security staff till the release of the Two Bobs decal sheet Close up of AIM-9L/M seeker head (note although this seeker head is on a captive AIM-9 it is the same as a warshot) seeker head detail of a IIR Training maverick. The silver stripe you see is a band clamp when this missile is placed on a triple rail launcher, the seeker head must be rotated so the little arrow is always pointing up.


TGM-65B EO maverick Right hand shot of AN/ALQ-184 ECM control pod  Left hand shot of AN/ALQ-184 ECM control pod Previously censored by TPC security staff till the release of the Two Bobs decal sheet