A-10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog"(part C)

These photos were taken by Danny Deters.

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The 52 photos directly below were taken by Danny Deters and cover squadron markings and general airframe shots.




wing port side showing data stencils bottom rear The port wing tip red position light assembly includes a strobe consisting of two horizontal, opposing parabolic mirrors encircled by a "ring" type
xenon tube at the center of the mirrors.  The three "milky" looking rectangles are formation lights.
70th F.S.



on top between engines and cooling system intake and exhaust box port side APU exhaust diffuser


the large rectangular opening is the inlet to
the APU (Auxilary Power Unit)



starboard side pylons baggage pod A-10


Bottom starboard flare dispenser A-10  port side 70th F.S. 347TFW patch