South African Air Force F-86 Mk6 Sabres

These photos were taken by Dave Bekker 

Descriptions were sent in by Charlie Hugo.

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Extremely rare photo of a 2 squadron Sabre in flight. This aircraft is depicted on the decal sheet. 1 squadron Sabre with dayglo panels. This aircraft was apparently used as a target tug. see below for description see below for description


2 squadron target tug Sabre. This series of photos give details of the position and shapes etc of the dayglo orange bands as applied to the target tugs. These photos were taken in Port Elizabeth in the early '60's.  Note that 2 squadron replaced their Sabres around 1963 with Mirage IIIC's and all Sabres were then operated by 1 squadron Another thing to note on the photos is the difference in the squadron bands around the drop tank on the  dayglo aircraft. Other points is that the dayglo aircraft does not appear to have a squadron badge on her. This specific aircraft 382 P is included on the LED decalsheet. Other "normal" aircraft in this lineup show the 2 squadron badge super imposed on the tail national markings. This is a non-standard position and was only used for a short period before "officialdom" stepped in and ordered their removal.