Chase Planes & "X" Planes

(and other planes from NASA and elsewhwere) 

These photos were taken by Tomas Chmelik and David Lindsay.

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The 9 pictures directly below were taken by Tomas Chmelik while visiting Edwards Air Force Base in summer 1996.

NASA 747 NASA F-104 F-8 Fly by wire F-8 Supercritical wing


F-8 Supercritical wing Lift body X-15 X-15




The 6 photos directly below were sent in by David Lindsay and are of an F-16 operated by Lockheed Martin out of the Ft. Worth, Texas Lockheed plant.  This AFTI/F-16 is being used by Lockheed to test systems for the JSF program.  The pictures include shots of the full size mock-up of the JSF that is mounted on a tower.  A Lockheed employee had to get on this tower to install and uninstall equipment in the past and despite the fact it was a little dangerous....he found it fun since he sits at a computer all day. 

Photo credit for these pictures goes to Lockheed Martin.