Tornado GR1 

  Special thanks to SqnLdr. Mike Wood of NoXV, RAF Lossiemouth for helping out

These photos were taken by Sushanth Kondi and Avinash Sosale.

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Photos directly below were taken taken at Aero-India 2001.

The 17 photos directly below were taken by Avinash Sosale

looking forwards from port. note ldg gear and an exhaust, don't know what. probably apu stuff. nozzle close-up. note gears for actuating the thrust reverser buckets. strbrd gun and laser ranger. note lamp, flaps and slats. stbrd wing.


just the nose! note the full-span double slotted flaps. also note rubber at wing joint. noteladder. cool dio concept.


strbrd slat actuator. note screws. shows the wheel bay looking aft. close-up of previous. slightly blurred in places.


stbrd gear leg and wheel. note chocks and the abundance of wires and pipes leading to the tires. shows the rubber at the place where the wing retracts into the fuselage when swept chap checking the ckpt prior to take-off. full rear view.


rear 3/4 port view.

Photos directly below were taken taken at Aero-India 2001.

The 4 photos directly below were taken by Sushanth Kondi 

shows the structure of the wing trailing edge, into which the flaps retract. bit too dark. port wing flap actuator. note internal flap structure. 27mm Mauser port cannon. note open earthing line panel. this shows the inboard pylon pivot. port wing.