RCAF F-86 Sabres in desert storage

These photos were taken by Phil Juvet

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Here are photos of RCAF Sabres in outdoor storage at Mojave Airport, Calif. That I took in 1981. Flight Systems  International (?) is/was located at Mojave and converted the Sabres into QF-86's for the USAF and USN for missile practice. Later they were converting F-100's into drones also. I don't know if the Navy got any F-100 drones, but I have seen one F-86H drone in Navy markings. I always enjoyed going to Mojave Airport. They allowed the public to walk out onto the flight line.  Flight Systems had a fleet of chase/controller aircraft there. F-4's, F-106A & B, FJ-4, F-86's, F-100D & F, and at least one T-33A. One could walk up to these aircraft and take pictures. Back then I never thought of getting on the ground and photographing the wheel wells and landing gear. I wish I could back to those days. 
Phil Juvet

The 7 photos directly below were taken by Phil Juvet