F-16C Fighting Falcon Block 30E

These photos were taken by David W Aungst

I attended the "Sounds of Freedom" air show at NAS / JRB Willow Grove on 14 September 2002. The last air show I attended prior to this one was the same show on 8 September 2001, which was likely one of the last shows to be held last year. Over the year since then, I have purchased a Canon PowerShot-G2 digital camera. I have been very impressed with its capabilities in the controlled environment of my work room for picturing models. This show was the camera's "baptism of fire" for outside air show type pictures. I have determined that I no longer have need of my old Minolta X-570 or its film.

I made a couple "walk around" style photo essays at the show. One appears below, taken on a pair of block 30E F-16C Fighting Falcons from the 523rd FS that came in from Cannon AFB. I purposely took pictures that have given me trouble in the past with my film camera just to test the capabilities of the digital camera. It came through with flying colors. Even shooting into the sun, into the afterburner exhaust, the camera was able to determine the correct exposure to give me the inside of the afterburner, not a black hole.

There is nothing overly exciting about the two F-16s I photographed. I took some out-of-the-way type detail shots that are not already posted in other "walk around" type postings I have looked through. I hope you enjoy these.

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Photos directly below were taken Sept 14 2002.


Overview Forward Fuselage Cockpit Nose Wheel


Left Wing HARM Missile Weapons Pylons Weapons Pylons


Weapons Pylons AMRAAM Missile HARM Missile Weapons Pylons


AMRAAM Missile Left Tail Engine Exhaust Engine Exhaust


Engine Exhaust Engine Exhaust Afterburner Interior Afterburner Interior


Lower Tail Fin Rear Antennae HARM Missile Weapons Pylons


Right Wing Right Tail



Overview Cockpit Instrument Hood Instrument Hood


Cockpit Cockpit Canopy Hinge Rear Fuselage


Left Tail Left Speedbrake Left Speedbrake Left Speedbrake


Left Speedbrake Underside Afterburner Interior Right Speedbrake Engine Exhaust


Right Speedbrake Right Speedbrake