Mirage III RS Cockpit

The  photos directly below were taken by Oberleutnant Markus VOLLMER dipl.geogr. Fachbereichsoffizier Ressort Luftaufklärungof Dübendorf Air Base and Flieger Staffel 10 in Dübendorf, in Switzerland

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The glareshield panel above instrument panel is an original from the beginning of use of Mirage in Swiss Air Force I thought it was a retrofit or some Swiss modification.  Bob Verhegghen

Back ejection seat up Canopy gear Ejection seat Front  Front CP


Front CP left side back right side front up right side front


Mirage III RS in Hangar and left side front CP
The antiglare shield above the front panel is different from other Mirage and seem to be more "covering".  The cockpit color is very special, some kind of metallic light blue-green.
The instrument panel is particular to this Swiss version.  On the picture in the hangar , note the two small visors on each side of canopy internal side. This is to be found on all recce versions of the Mirage. 
Martin Baker SRM 6 Ejection seat  Martin Baker SRM 6 Ejection seat 
Back of right console. Note the light on side.
right side back