Canadian BAE Hawk

These photos were taken by Ross Spenard

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Photos directly below were taken at Abbotsford, BC Canada airshow

overview starboard side starboard side over wing Nose profile Nose gear


Nose gear detail Pitot tube, nose detail Tailplane overview from rear Tailplane mid-range from rear Tailplane sideview detail Tailplane detail


Exhaust detail, rear view Main gear Main gear head on Main gear rear view


Canopy, overview Canopy markings Canopy, ejection seat Canopy, internal supports 


Canopy, internal supports Cocpkit, ejection seat Overview, cockpit, starboard side Rear cockpit


Spine looking aft Wing fences and AIM 9 rail Wing, flap detail Intlets and antenna behind cockpit


Hud detail Flap, center line tank Intake, detail Inside main gear door

Photos and text 2002 by Ross Spenard