2003 Tiger Meet Scheme

These photos were taken by Jared Rose

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Photos directly below were taken at at the Winnipeg International Airshow though in June '03.

This is the RCAF's CF-18 Airshow Hornet, decorated in honor of the Tiger Meet of the Americas in a remarkable tiger striped paint scheme.  I don't have any real detailed shots, as the aircraft in question was flying in the show a few hours later that day and they were really just showing the paint scheme. (I was lucky to get inside their cordoned-off area for some of the shots)  There's a good overhead shot at , but it's not mine, so I'm not going to send it in.   Jared

just the front half of the aircraft. the corresponding picture of the rear half. a shot down the right side of the plane (pilot's right) Same shot, but a lower angle to see the underside of the wing root.


Shot over the right tailplane, one of the small fins on top of the plane. Outer tail art.  same for both sides. detail shot of the tail art text. a shot down the (pilot's) left side of the plane.


The top of the plane, showing the white stripe running along it. bottom of right wing.  both sides the same. bottom of right wing, this time the flap.  both sides the same. inner tail art.  same on both sides.


Nose gear with a bit of the front gear door.  more on that later. Main gear wheels with neat hubcap thingy. Powering up the Hornet, just before the show started. power cable entering the plane.


aircraft number on nose. left side. pilot's name, under canopy. warnings under the canopy. more warnings.


ladder warning labels.   left Nose gear door, with crew names. paint scheme designers and painters, left side fuselage just ahead of the exhausts. Details of the nose, the charging cable socket. left side.


a bit further forward, a spotlight. left side. pitot tube and grill, just ahead of nose gear doors. finally, a little Tigger plushie sitting in the canopy right beside the HUD.

Photos and text 2002 by Jared Rose