R.A.A.F CAC Sabre

These photos were taken by Alan Williamson

Avon Sabre A94-974 is one of the Australian built variants of the North American F86 Sabre. The Avon Sabre was built by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) at Fisherman’s Bend Victoria Australia, and delivered to the R.A.A.F on August 27th 1957. This particular aircraft was assigned to the 78 wing stationed at R.A.A.F base at Williamstown New South Wales (NSW) Australia. 
In December 1958 the Sabre was flown to R.A.A.F Base at Butterworth  Malaysia, as part of Operation Sabre Ferry. A94-974 then flew in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand while based in South East Asia. It then returned to Australia in January 1968. 
After undergoing a total overhaul and rewiring program A94-974 was placed in service with No 5 Operation Conversion Unit as a lead-in aircraft for the Mirage III fighter. One year later the Sabre was allocated to the R.A.A.F base Wagga Wagga and underwent conversion to “training aid” status.

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Photos directly below were taken in 2002 at the Jet Museum in South Australia. 

Avon Sabre 7,500lb thrust Rolls Royce RA.7 Mk.26 turbojet right side Avon Sabre 7,500lb thrust Rolls Royce RA.7 Mk.26 turbojet Avon Sabre air duct CAC Avon Sabre ammunition Store


CAC Avon Sabre Control panel & Stick CAC Avon Sabre control panel CAC Avon Sabre lower half Ejection seat CAC Avon Sabre upper half Ejection seat


One of the Avon Sabre's 30mm cannon's R.A.A.F CAC Avon Sabre A94-974 left side R.A.A.F CAC Avon Sabre A94-974 R.A.A.F CAC Avon Sabre right side & to back cockpit


R.A.A.F CAC Avon Sabre right side cockpit Sabre Ejection seat left side Sabre Ejection seat

Photos and text © 2002 by Alan Williamson