These photos were taken by Murph

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Photos directly below were taken of a Nellis based jet from the 422 TES.  It is at Langley as part of the planned flyby's for the 100th anniversary of the first manned, powered flight in Dec. 2003.

fuselage port side canopy and HUD from forward canopy and HUD forward, starboard formation strip light


head on main weapon's bay doors from aft nose gear front view nose gear


nose port side nozzles from port port AIM-9 bay from forward port intake


port main gear from forward port wing tip and vertical stab radome port side rescue markings port side


spine, starboard view starboard aileron actuators starboard AIM-9 bay starboard main gear from aft


starboard main gear from forward starboard wingtip, formation light, nav light vertical stab port side

Photos and text 2004 by Murph