"Phoenix Air"  Learjet 36

These photos were taken by Mark Kubes 

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Photos directly below were taken at KVPC - Cartersville Airport, GA on May 27, 2003  

A note on the images: Most of the pictures have been lightened considerably to show detail. There are some shots, however, that may seem dark. These are actually more correct exposures for the lighting conditions and are much closer to the actual colors of the aircraft.

This is a very interesting Learjet 36 that I came across in my travels. It is operated by a company called Phoenix Air which contracts with US and other NATO governments. From the Phoenix Air web site: "U.S. Department of Defense contracts include testing and evaluation support for the U.S. Navy Aegis program and advanced air-to-air EA training for USAF/ANG front line weapons systems." This jet is one of their older ones and, as can be seen by the weathered appearance, gets used heavily.


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13 14 Many varied antennas covered the fuselage but I didn't see any equipment installed in the interior. 16


17 18 Various pods and tow-targets are carried on the pylons under each wing. See the Phoenix Air website for a listing. 20


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Photos and text 2004 by Mark Kubes