Lockheed F-22A Raptor

These photos were taken by Mark Kubes 

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Photos directly below were taken at NAS Atlanta, GA on April 29, 2006 

Nose view Nose view Nose view Port front 3/4 view


Port nose showing irregular radome demarcation line, upper nose access panel, and covered pitot tube Nose formation light and lower nose access panel Rear canopy area showing panel detail and upper intake edge Just aft of the canopy showing various vent screens. Note antenna bulge and beacon light on spine


Port intake with 94th FS marking Wing root showing various vent screens and antenna bulge Further aft along the top fuselage are the sawtoothed engine air bypass doors and the APU intake door APU exhaust door/vent screen


Overall view of rear arangement Top rear of Port wing showing aileron, anti-collision light, and formation strip-lighting Port flap view from rear View towards rear of lower engine exhaust vane


Port tail boom and exhaust vanes Overall view of empennage/engine exhaust. Note reflectivity of paint Detail of Port tail boom Port engine exhaust/tail boom


Overall rear shot. Notice difference in paint reflectivity from previous image Port tail boom rear-view Port engine exhaust Overall engine exhausts


Detail of center boom Detail of arrestor hook housing Port 3/4 rear view. from this angle, paint reflectivity is non-existant Exhaust detail


Port upper exhaust vane hinge detail. Note gap at base of vertical stabilizer Port tail boom Overall rear 3/4 view Under wing showing port exhaust vane and flap actuator


Tail markings 1 - Wing code and serial Tail markings 2 - ACC badge Tail markings 3 - 94th FS "Spads" tail band (on inner and outer surfaces of both vert. stabs.) Rear


Center Front Detail of panels forward of main landing gear Starboard engine intake bypass vents. Gun gas vent in foreground


Starboard wing root Forward fuselage & canopy Forward fuselage above intake 1st FW badge on side of intake


Forward fuselage Starboard front 3/4 view Landing lights on nose gear Nose gear


Nose gear rear view Nose gear Nose gear Port main gear


Main wheel detail Main wheel detail Rear view of landing gear Closer rear view of main gear


Starboard main gear door Main gear overall view Interior of starboard well Interior of starboard well


Interior of starboard well Interior of starboard well. Note electrical ground connection Unknown

Photos and text 2006 by Mark Kubes