These photos were taken by David Horn

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This aircraft is property of Tulsa Technology Center in Tulsa and they were very nice to allow me access to photograph the jet. I would also like to recognize the 138th FW of the Oklahoma Air National guard for donating this A-7D to the school.

front view RH fwd fuselage RH side mid fuselage RH Side


RH Side Aft fuselage RH tail Tailpipe Tail Hook area


Belly aft LH tail LH avionics bay LH avionics bay circuit beakers


LH avionics bay closeup LH avionics bay CB and Oxygen tank LH avionics bay Oxygen tank LH avionics bay Oxygen tank closeup


LH fwd fuselage Gun port LH MLG wheel NLG bay 1


NLG bay 2 NLG RH view MLG RH MLG door fwd section


MLG door aft section MLG bay fwd section MLG bay fwd-mid section MLG bay aft section


LH wing pylon RH flap RH flap underside RH wing fold


Cockpit RH console Cockpit RH console fwd Cockpit LH console

Photos and text by David Horn