Walkaround #1029


These photos were taken by Mark Kubes at NAS Atlanta on April 29, 2006

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NASA 914 Note prominent grounding receptacle, formation light and bulges on the top and bottom of nosecone Front windscreen detail. Also AOA sensor, pitot tube, static port, and open round vent door Overall starboard front fuselage details


Note blade antenna on underside common to NASA Talons Front canopy Rear canopy Access panel detail


Front cockpit interior Rear cockpit interior Nose gear starboard view Nose gear front view


Nose gear port view T-38 specific travel pod Wing root & leading edge Stbd. wing tip, note navigation light


View down stbd. rear fuselage Stbd. wing Upper fuselage details Fuel receptacle


Wing trailing edge showing flap and aileron Note flap index plate and inspection port Aux. air intake and exhaust port Stbd. rear fuselage. engine access panels

NASA logo on tail Index plate on rear fuselage Engine exhausts Exhaust FOD covers


Engine exhausts Detail of small ID# on vertical stabilizer Overall tail view NASA logo port side


FAA registration number and access panels mirrored from other side Flap index plate Port upper wing and mid-fuselage Port wing underside showing aileron. Note red navigation light near wingtip


Port wing flap hinge detail Port main gear rear view Port speed brake Starboard main gear view from port side


Port main gear strut well Port main gear wheel well Port speed brake well Starboard main gear well view from port side


Starboard main gear hinge point Port main gear front view Wheel bay doors and speed brakes Travel pod


Travel pod Port intake Intake FOD cover Port side emergency markings


Front canopy Front cockpit interior USAF serial number, pitot tube, and static port Nose details


Note straps connecting intake FOD covers

Photos and text by Mark Kubes