Walkaround #1069

Eurocopter 117. East Anglian Air Ambulance

These photos were taken by Angelo M Picardo at Headquarters of East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust Bedford.

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Front port side Close up of landing light Port side landing skid & foot bar Inside of cockpit door


Name of helicopter operating company just forward of port air intake Port air intake Port side engine fairing Starboard side jet exhaust


Close up of exhaust Front view of rotor hub Port side air intake Starboard side view of engine housing


Head on view Colloctive is removed from port side cockpit and conection point covered by this fairing Refueling point intake and rotor detail


Pitot tube Rear starboard side quarter showing clam shell loadinng doors and sliding crew door port side jet exhaust Tail rotor


Tail Rotor Port side crew door Clam shell loading door latch detail Crew sliding door


Pilot's foot well and vision panel Inside of port side clamshell door with first aid kit(CAA requirement even though it is a fully equiped air ambulance) Close up of internal latch detail on port side clam shell door Starboard tail fin with sponsors name


Starboard clamshell door featuring sponsor's name Instrument panel from port side. Cylic control removed. Overhead control panel Central panel looking towards pilot's seat


Port side cockpit seat, all flying controls removed from this side Pilot's side view of instument panel Pilot's foot well Pilot's cyclic control


Central portion of instrument panel Flight crew helmet Close up of collective Instrument panel shroud and magnetic compass


Overhead panel close up Instument panel close up showing radios Close up of foot well Pilot's main flight instrumentation. White placard bottom right are local radio chanells


Port cockpit collective control mounting point, uncovered. Close up of air crew helmet Further view of helmet & cockpit Rear compartment showing attendants seat and head end of cot


Ceiling of rear compartment showing radio and intercom panels Floor of rear compartment showing locking rails for trolley cot Floor taken from rear of aircraft. Medical Oxygen cylinders and equipment storage lockers


Close up of O2 cylinder mounts Starboard side interior wall. Aircraft is fitted to carry two stretchers but only one is usualy carried. Space for second cot is used to carry medical equipment. Medical equipment storage compartments Rear hatch loading light


Starboard clam shell door carrying aspiratorand other equipment Rear compartment radio and intercom control panel Pilot's cyclic control dust cover Overhead panel from pilot's side


Emergency medical equipment storage compartments on port side This view show just how small the interior of the Air Ambulance is Close up of other medical equipment and fold away storage racks. Looking towards the rear loading hatch this is another view of the storage compartments


Starboard side view of Anglia 1 basking in early Spring sun shine Views of the self loading trolley cot used on this Air Ambulance. Views of the self loading trolley cot used on this Air Ambulance.

Photos and text by Angelo Picardo