Sunday,  Feb 29  2004      
Saturday,  Feb 28  2004      
  • Nenad Mitrovic begins today's update with his foirst article on ARC.  This is Nenad's 1/72 Hasegawa F/A-18C and it's finished off in the well known CAG markings of  VFA-113 STINGERS. Welcome to ARC Nenad!!!

  • Richard L. Recznik is here today with his 1/48 Monogram P-51.  Richard used the classic kit by Monogram and then finished it off with the paint scheme of the famous American Blue Nosed Mustangs from WW2. 

  • In the Test Post Clubhouse there is a daily joke and a funny picture.

Friday,  Feb 27  2004         Dominican Republic Independence Day   
  • Rob Grootarz begins today's update with his 1/72 Italeri Bae Hawk RCAF (CT-155).  Rob is on a quest to build RCAF aircraft and for his Canadian Hawk he used decals from Mike Grant Decals.  Rob's Hawk is an excellent start on his quest , Red Maple Leafs look good on the Hawk.

  • Dan Spera is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Dan's 1/48 Eduard Albatros D.V done up in a most colourful and impeccably done plywood finish.  You'll fall in love with bi-planes after you see this one up close.  Welcome to ARC Dan!!!

  • Iwan Winarta has been busy recently on his 1/72 Revell Fiat G-91R Tigermeet.  This is one of the more attractive Tigermeet schemes and the Portuguese Air Force deserves much credit for this first class paint scheme.  Iwan did an excellent job on this one.

  • Mike Williams joins use with his first article on ARC today.  This is Mike's 1/72 Revell P-47D Thunderbolt done up in the very attractive D-Day stripes.  Mike did a splendid job on his bare metal Jug and it's a treat to have him on ARC.  Welcome to ARC Mike. 

  • Armin Knes joins us with his first article on ARC today.  This is Armin's 1/48 Academy MiG-21 PF.  Armin did a very clean and detailed build of this very famous Eastern Bloc fighter.  Good to have you on ARC Armin.  Welcome!! 

  • Polly Singh dropped by today with his 1/72 Matchbox Westland Lysander.  This very well done Lysander has Tiger nose art markings....which will interest you Tiger Meet fans.  Polly includes some very good history on this aircraft and the mission during WW2 performed by this Squadron.    

  • I have a preview of the re-released 1/48A-4 Aggressors Top Gun Tinker decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation GraphicsThis one is released today.

  • Sean Bratton is here with some CH-146 walkaround photos.

  • Sean Bratton is also here with some CT-155 Hawk walkaround photos.  

  • In the Test Post Clubhouse there is a serious message and a funny picture.

Thursday,  Feb 26  2004          Kuwait Liberation Day 
  • Klemen Korošec begins today's update with his beautiful 1/72 Revell Spitfire Mk.V  Diorama.  Klemen is from Slovenia and scratchbuilt the base for his diorama.  A very nice Spitfire scene.  Welcome to ARC Klemen!!!

  • Juanjo Dominguez is here with a stunning 1/72 Hasegawa F-104 Starfighter Bavaria.  There something very attractive about the F-104 in German markings.....but this particular F-104 has an extra special appeal.  Nice one Juanjo.  

  • Marcius Cesar Costa is here from Brazil with his 1/72 Airfix  PBY5-A Catalina.  Marcius has included some history about the Catalinas operated by the FAB (Brazilian Air Force) during WW2.  Always good to see Brazilian aircraft on ARC.

  • Niels Christian Boman joins us for the first time today with his first article on ARC.  Niels is from cold Norway and has brought his 1/48 Tamiya A-10A USAFE for you all to enjoy.  It's  good to see Niels A-10 on ARC.  Welcome to ARC Niels!!!

  • Gianni Chirico is here from Italy with his 1/72 Airfix Mitsubishi Ki-46 II Dinah.  Gianni finished his Dinah in marking for  Imperial Japanese Army Air Force in Malaya in 1942.  His paint scheme and weathering are very well done.

  • Alex Sidharta dropped by the ARC Corporate Offices all the way from Indonesia with his 1/72 Hasegawa F/A-18F Super Hornet.  He finished it on New Year eve (Dec 31, 2003), making it as his 12th finished-kit of 2003.  Very impressive model as well.

  • Good News!!!  There is a re-release coming for the 1/48 AJ-37 JA-37 Saab Viggen decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  These sold out extra fast last be ready to buy when they get released on Feb 27....they won't last long.

  • I have a review of the new 1/48 P-59 "Airacomet Part 1" decal sheet from Cutting Edge ModelworksThis sheet features 7 different aircraft of this famous early American jet.

  • Michael Peters sent in a neat in-flight photo of F-4's and Drakkens.  Quite the sight!!! 

  • I have a list of the Revell Releases for 2004...this time the link works. 

  • Murph is here with some F/A-22 walkaround photos.

  • Steve Hubbard is here with some Heinkel He162 walkaround photos.  


Wednesday,  Feb 25  2004        Kuwait National Day   

Note to folks in Portugal....on February 28 and 29 the 6th International Modeling Exhibition in Troia, Portugal will be held.  This exhibition includes a contest, Modeling trade fair and workshops. For more information please check the website

  • Ted Johnston begins your day with his 1/144 Revell Germany Airbus A380.  Ted had some custom ALPS decals printed up in Qatar Airways  Livery to finish off his A380.  Always good to see an airliner on ARC.

  • Jeff Herne has recently finished his 1/32 Hasegawa Bf-109G-6.  Jeff chose markings for III./JG27.  Jeff built his 109 basically out of the box except for the decals which he liberated from other kits.

  • Catherine Vickers is back today with her second article on ARC.  Catherine's jet model today is the 1/72 Airfix Hunter FGA9.  Catherine chose Royal Rhodesian Air Force to finish off her nicely done Hunter.

  • Mark Miller is here with a feature article about building his 1/72 Matchbox SBC-4.  Mark has provided some great comments on this neat project as well as some in-progress photos to help you understand what was involved in building his little Bi-plane. 

  • Radim Schimmer joins us today from the Czech Republic with his 1/72 KoPro Mig 15.  Radim built his Mig-15 basically out of the box with a baremetal finish and used a wash to darken the panel lines.  

  • Remember the DHL Missile incident in Baghdad....well I've got some close-up damage photos of the aircraft after it made it's emergency landing.  It's quite impressive that these guys got this one on the ground safely.

  • I have a preview of the new 1/48F-15E Saddam Hunters!! decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  This one is LOADED with funny noseart.....check it out.

  • I have a review of the new 1/48 RCAF Standard Roundels Decal Sheet from Leading Edge Models.  Another excellent sheet for modellers that enjoy building Canadian aircraft.

  • John Kerr is here with some Australian Hawk walkaround photos.

  • Steven Lu is here with some RAF Jaguar GR 3A walkaround photos.  


Tuesday,  Feb 24  2004           Estonia National Day  
  • Jeff Brundt is back today with the second and final part of his 1/32 Hasegawa F-16C article.  Today Jeff talks about painting, weathering, decaling and adding the weapons load to his big Viper.

  • Yufei Mao is here all the way from Shanghai, China with his first article on ARC.  This is Yufei's 1/48 Hasegawa A6M3 Zero Type22.  Yufei did an impressive job on the paint scheme and finished his Zero in markings for IJN ace, Hiroyoshi Nishizawa.  Welcome to ARC Yufei!!!

  • Sebastiano Tringali is setting the standard for 1/72 helicopter modellers to try to beat.  This is his 1/72 Italeri Sikorsky H-34 (HSS-1N) Seabat in “Italian Navy” markings.  The level of detail Sebastiano has added to his model is inspiring. 

  • Fernan DeGannes has dropped by with his first article on ARC.  This is Fernan's 1/48 Italeri Tornado IDS/GR1  done up in Gulf War 1 markings.....including sexy nose art.  Fernan used Eduard PE and scratchbuilding to detail his Tornado.  Welcome to ARC Fernan!!!

  • Armando López Pensado is here with his first article on ARC today.  This is Armando's 1/48 Tamiya Corsair F4U-1D done up with some panel line paint chipping and weathering as well as some Eduard PE.  A very nicely done Corsair.  Welcome to ARC Armando!!!

  • Colin Kunkel is the President of his local model Club.  Today he presents some pictures of their recent Scale Model Show called “Modelling the Wright Stuff”.  This particular model club always put on quite the display as you'll see by all the display cases. 

  • I have a review of the new 1/32 A-10A "Black Lightning" decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  This decal set includes painting masks for part of the black stripes.

  • I have a review of the new 1/48 F-111A Combat Lancer Aardvarks decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  This sheet features 3 different F-111's from SEA.

  • I've added a new link to the manufacturers links page.  It is a new decal company called VMDecals at  Their current releases include ALPS printed decals of some interesting aircraft including KC-135, C-130, T-38 and the B-52.  Drop by their site.

  • Charles P. Kalina from the Baghdad Hobby Club is here with some V-22 Osprey walkaround photos.

  • Ken Middleton is here with some F-15A walkaround photos.  


Monday,  Feb 23  2004     Brunei National Day       Guyana National Day 
Sunday,  Feb 22  2004            
  • Dave Poff begins your Sunday update with his 1/72 Monogram F-16C.  This is Dave's third model on ARC and like his other 2 models....this one is a beaut!!  Dave has a talent for weathering to accentuate the panel lines and the canopy on this one was custom tinted by Dave. 

  • Vassily Mikhailov is here with his second article on ARC.  This is Vassily's 1/48 Hasegawa Ju-87D-5 , which he calls Postcard from Eastern FrontHis article contains colour photos of his recently completed Ju-87.  Vassily added dozens of scratch built parts to his Stuka to get the detail and accuracy he wanted.

  • Juan Ramon Garcia Martin has sent in pics of his 1/72 KP SU 7 BKLThis particular jet was used by the Syrian air force during the 1973 Yom Kippur war.  Juan has weathered and chipped the paint on his Syrian jet to make it look just right.

  • Nick Monopoli has built the 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair and today he presents it for your enjoyment.  Nick added engine detailing....resin cockpit goodies and dropped control surfaces along with excellent painting and weathering to complete his Corsair. 

  • Martin Kurz is here with his article on ARC.  This is Martin's colourful baremetal 1/48 Hasegawa F-104C.  Martin added scratchbuilt detail parts and Albatros Modelworks decals to complete his 104.  He also veried the shade of paint for the BMF finish to get that realistic look.

  • Bob Gignac has sent in a lone RCN  (Royal Canadian Navy) 'Tracker' in-flight photo from his family's private photo collection.  This tracker might have been operated from one of the Canadian Aircraft carriers

  • Jiri Basny is here with some Il-28 walkaround photos.  

  • Eli Raphael is here with some F-105 seat walkaround photos.  


Saturday,  Feb 21  2004     Happy Birthday to Ken Middleton and Iwan Winarta.
  • Matt Swan is here with the third and final part of his in-depth article on building his 1/48 Revell B-17F to E Coastal Command Conversion.  I've quite enjoyed reading his makes me think building a B-17 would be one cool project.  

  • Bob Aikens is here today with his first article on ARC.  This is Bob's 1/48 Hasegawa F-4G that he finished in Sharks Mouth markings from Leading Edge Models.  Bob detailed his Phantom's cockpit with some Eduard photo-etch detail items.  Nice one Bob....welcome to ARC.

  • Lucien Bosonnet is here for the first time today.  Lucien is from Switzerland and has built the 1/72 Italeri BAe Hawk Mk.66 and finished it in Swiss markings a used some Eduard photo-etch in the cockpit.  A beautiful looking Hawk....welcome to ARC Lucien.

  • Fabien Arnaud is here with another of his lovely 109's.  Today it's his 1/48 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf109 K4 JG27 (Défense du Reich 1945).  Fabien has also sent his article in English and French.  (Click here to read this article in French)

  • Emad F. Tabsh is here with an In box Preview of the 1/32 Trumpeter  Mig-3.  It's good to see large scale WW2 Russian fighter aircraft. 

  • Mark Miller is here with an indepth In box Review of the 1/72 Roden Heinkel He 111EI've developed a fondness for Roden's appears this He-111 is another Roden Gem.

  • Carl McGehee has sent in an in-flight photos of the F2000EX in-flight photo.  This would make one very cool ARC Corporate Jet....hummmm.....maybe a model of one at least for the ARC Corporate Jet. 

  • Ron McCracken is here with some Caribou C-7A walkaround photos.  

  • Jiri Basny is here with some Sea Fury walkaround photos.  


Friday,  Feb 20  2004            
  • Matt Swan is back with part 2 of his 1/48 Revell B-17F to E that he built as a Coastal Command Conversion B-17.  Make yourself a coffee or tea and sit back and enjoy.  This is one beautifully done article.....well done Matt.  Part 3 runs tomorrow. 

  • Philip Jones has dropped by with his 1/48 Revell F-15E Strike Eagle in Tiger scheme markings.  This model is beautifully detailed and painted....and the weathering is just the way it should be. 

  • Phil Golding LOVES to detail.  Give Phil a kit and the first thing he does is ponder what resin goodies can be added.  Today Phil is here with his 1/48 Tamiya P-51D Mustang and it's a beauty.  And as if this Mustang wasn't beautiful enough....Phil did it up in D-Day stripes!! 

  • Peter Ohlenmacher is here with his first article on ARC.  this is his 1/72 Italeri B-25J Mitchell.  The B-25 has a special place in everyone's heart and Peter was determined to give his B-25 the detail and look that would impress.  He used CMK and Aires resin.....2 Eduard sets of Photo Etch and Eagle Strike decals.  Welcome to ARC Peter!!!  

  • I have a review of the new 1/48 English Electric (BAC) Lightning decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  You get a choice of 9 different panes including 8 British and one from Saudi Arabia.  One of the RAF Lightnings on this sheet was based in Singapore....also some of these planes are Tiger scheme planes.

  • I have a review of the new and very colourful 1/48 Strizhi MiG-29's"The Swifts" decal sheet  2003 paint scheme from Linden Hill Decals.  This is the Russian Flight demonstration team and you can also buy this decal sheet in 1/72 from Linden Hill Decals.

  • Steven Lu is here with some F-18 walkaround photos.  

  • David Traill is here with some C-2 Greyhound walkaround photos.  


Thursday,  Feb 19  2004            
  • Matt Swan is here with his big 3 part article on his 1/48 Revell B-17F to E (Part 1).  Matt wanted to convert his B-17 into a Coastal Command B-17 and his article will detail the process.  I'll run part 2 tomorrow and part 3 the next day.  Enjoy!!

  • Colin Whitehouse has built the 1/48 Dynavector BAC TSR2.  Colin has provided a detailed article about what was involved in building this Vacuformed kit.  The photo to the left shows it next to a 1/48 F-4 Phantom....yikes it's big!!! 

  • Andrew Holloway also known as (kaysersoze) on the ARC Discussion here with his first article on ARC.  this is his 1/48 Academy P-47D.  I'm not sure if it's the baremetal paint scheme with the blue paint or the sexy nose art....but this "Jug" (pardon the pun) really caught my eye. 

  • Bernd Korte has dropped by the ARC Corporate offices from Europe with his 1/72 Emhar FJ-4B Fury.  Bernd's Fury is beautifully built, detailed and finished and he's provided lots of info about how he built it.

  • Rob Grootarz is here with his first article on ARC.  this is Rob's 1/200 Hasegawa TCA DC-3 finished off in Trans Canada Airlines livery.  Nice one Rob....welcome to's always good to see another airliner on ARC.

  • I have a review of the new 1/72 RCAF Standard Numerals (Early) Decal Sheet from Leading Edge Models.  This will be a big help for  modellers interested in building Canadian Air Force aircraft.

  • Emad F. Tabsh has swung by from Lebanon with an in-box preview of the brand new 1/48 Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier II Plus Kit# PT28.  So far so good.....nice looking kit.  Way to go Emad!!

  • Steven Lu is here with some F-15E walkaround photos.  Good burner can detail photos and more.

  • Piripi Kerr is also here with some F-15J/DJ Eagle – Japan Air Self Defence Force walkaround photos.  Japanese F-15's rock!!!


Wednesday,  Feb 18  2004               Gambia Independence Day  
  • Charles P. Kalina joins us direct from the The Baghdad Hobby Club with his 1/72 MPC F4D1 "Skyray".  Charles has provided some history on the Skyray as well as some info about his model.  Looking good Charles. 

  • Giovanni Chirico has dropped by from Italy with his 1/72 Hasegawa  Kawanishi N1K2-J Shidenkay "George".  Gianni did some pre-shading of the panel lines and followed that up with some panel line paint chipping.  A very nice effect. 

  • Thomas Fu is here from Taiwan with his 1/48 Monogram F-100D.  Thomas's F-100 has a excellently done baremetal finish and some very colourful markings.  This F-100 is a treat to see. 

  • Josh Silver has finished the 1/48 Revell VH-53D.  Josh used detail items from Cobra Company and aftermarket decal from Superscale.  If you look'll see Josh's young son checking out Dad's handy work.

  • Nick Rosner is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Nick's 1/48 Revell A-7E Corsair II.  Nick folded the wings and built his Corsair II more or less out of the box.  He did add a full weapons load and some interesting markings.  Welcome to ARC Nick!!!

  • I have a review of the new 1/48 P-40E & N  Colorful Warhawks Part 1 decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks Three aircraft are included on this decal sheet including  aP-40 in Japanese markings.....a captured P-40.  

  • I have a review of the Avia B-34, B-534 and Bk-534 book from HT Model Magazine.  This is a reference book full of colour profiles and walkaround photos etc.  This book was produced by Jozef And'al and Peter Sumichrast.

  • Robert N. Abbott Jr. is here with some Me-208 walkaround photos. 

  • Robert N. Abbott Jr. is also here with some Fieseler Fi-103 Buzz Bomb  Walkaround photos.


Tuesday,  Feb 17  2004              
  • Stephen Cornett kicks off today with his big 1/32 Tamiya F-15E.  Stephen's 'Mudhen' is fully detailed and includes a full weapons load and "Remove Before Flight" tags.  Very nice F-15E Stephen.

  • Catherine Vickers is here with her first article on ARC.  This is her 1/72 Airfix Spitfire Ia which she built with some help from her fiancé John.  A very nice job on the Spitfire Catherine.....does John know how lucky he is?  Welcome to ARC!!!

  • Alexis Demulder is here to keep the Brit jet aircraft lovers happy with his 1/48 Hasegawa RAF FG1 Phantom.  This is Alexis first article on ARC and this FG1 includes such details as "Remove Before Flight" tags.  Welcome to ARC Alexis!!!

  • Jens Gerber has dropped by with his 1/48 Tamiya F4F WildcatThis Wildcat has some aftermarket goodies added and  a weathering job you just have to see....check out the photo of the underside.  Subtle and beautifully done weathering Jens!!! 

  • I have a review of the new 1/32 Sabre Stencils decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  Wow.....I never knew the F-86 had so many stencils.

  • I have a review of the new 1/72 R CAF Standard Roundels Decal Sheet from Leading Edge Models.  This gives you a selection of 6 different sized roundels, which should keep the RCAF fans happy.  Here's a selection of photos about  Concorde "Fox Bravo" landing at Baden Soeliengen and being disassembled....loaded on a barge...then a truck to be shipped to a museum.  The photo to the left show the fuselage going down the Autobahn/Autostrada/highway.....very slooooowly.

  • Robert N. Abbott Jr. has sent in a selection of Polikarpov Po-2 walkaround photos.

  • Robert N. Abbott Jr. has also sent in a selection of Douglas A-26B Invader walkaround photos.


Monday,  Feb 16  2004                     Lithuania National Day  
  • Jeremy Neo of Hobby Icon in Singapore is here with an article that was supposed to run yesterday.  This is his 1/48 Smer Supermarine Walrus which has a connection to the Fall of Singapore 62 years ago....yesterday.  I love the folding wings on this one. 

  • Yesterday I ran a Brewster Buffalo Mk 1 Diorama by Sean Chua which was also related to the Fall of Singapore 62nd Anniversary.  Unfortunately the text file Sean sent me was damaged, but Sean resent me the file and I've added the very in depth text to his's well worth reading.

  • Darren McGuinness joins us with his 1/48 Hasegawa U.S.Navy A-4F Skyhawk.  The Hasegawa Skykawk is a very nice kit and Darren has done this one justice. 

  • Greg Snell is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Greg's 1/32 Revell P-47 which he added some scratchbuilt detail items to enhance the detail.  Greg's Jug came out looking quite nice.  Welcome to ARC Greg!!!

  • Colin Kunkel is a regular on the ARC Discussion Forums and today he's here with one of his latest models.  This is Colin's 1/48 Revell F-14D Super Tomcat which is finished off with Operation Enduring Freedom decals from Twobobs Aviation Graphics.  Looking good Colin!! 

  • Michael Keogh has dropped by today with his recently completed 1/48 Academy Bf-109 G14.  Michael's '109' is built out of the box and has a very well done paint job on it.  

  • I have a review of the new 1/32 F4U-1A/D Corsairs decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  Check it out....there's 4 Corsairs on this sheet.....all with noseart......two with sexy noseart. 

  • I have a review of the books "Modelling the Harrier I and II" by Glenn Ashley and published by Osprey Publishing.  Glenn Ashley has a passion for Harriers and his book covers the topic of British Harriers quite well.  This book was sent to me by Motor Books International....check them out if you want to buy some books.

  • Robert N. Abbott Jr. is here with some P-40E walkaround photos.

  • Robert N. Abbott Jr. is also here with some Goodyear FG-1D Corsair walkaround photos.


Sunday,  Feb 15  2004           Fall of Singapore 62nd Anniversary  

Sixty two years ago....Singapore was overrun by the Imperial Japanese Forces.  Today's update is dedicated to this historical event.   I'd like to express my special thanks to today's contributors for pulling together such a good update.

  • Mike Yeo of Horizon ModelTech is here from Singapore with a history lesson about the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Assault on Singapore.  Many of us don't know the full military details of this event, so Mike's article is the best article to begin today's special update.  

  • Sean Chua is here with his RNZAF Brewster Buffalo Diorama.  Sean's diorama depicts a Buffalo being refueled at a grassy airfield in Singapore.  Very realistic Sean.

  • Mike Yeo of Horizon ModelTech is here with his 1/72 LS Mitsubishi G3M2 Type 96 Model 21 "Nell".  Mike has provided plenty of historical background info about the "Nell".  Nice one Mike. 

  • Sebastian L is here with his Fall of Singapore - 15 Feb 1942 article.  This is Sebastian's 1/48 Hasegawa Nakajima Ki-43-I Hayabusa (Oscar).  Sebastian provides some riveting history behind this invasion and as well as info about his particular Ki-43 model.  Thanks Sebastian.

  • Mike Yeo of Horizon ModelTech is back with his third article of the day.  This is Mike's 1/48 Hasegawa Nakajima Ki-27b "Nate" and he's provided some very helpful historical background on the invasion and about the Ki-27. 

  • Darius Aibara is here to keep the jet modellers happy today.  This is his 1/48 Hasegawa F16B+ with the Royal Netherlands Air Force and done up in one of those fancy paint schemes the Dutch are so well at.  Good looking Tiger Scheme Darius.

  • Robert N. Abbott Jr. and Landon Abbott are here with a very good Spitfire Mk. 9 walkaround photos.....including engine and cockpit photos.

  • Cal Cochran is here with a couple of Adversary F-14  Walkaround photos.


Saturday,  Feb 14  2004              Happy Valentines Day
  • Diablo & Son begin today's update with their first model on ARC which was an entry that arrived too late for Silly Week.  This is their 1/72 Jet Comet and includes a funny story.  Welcome to ARC guys!!!

  • Dave Poff has finished his 1/72 Hasegawa Yak-3 and included 4 photos for you to see how well it turned out.  He did some subtle weathering such as exhaust stains etc.   The grey on grey paint scheme looks very good.

  • Peter Doll has dropped by from Germany with his 1/32 Tamiya F-15E.  This one is drop dead gorgeous and includes custom made Tiger scheme decals.  

  • Emad F.Tabsh is here from Lebanon with his review of the 1/32 Trumpeter P-40B Warhawk (Tomahawk MKIIA).  Thanks Emad.


Friday,  Feb 13  2004  
  • Fabien Arnaud  is here with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/48 Tamiya Messerschmitt Bf109E-4 done up in the markings for Adolf Galland, JG26 1940.  Beautiful Job on this one.  Welcome to ARC Fabien!!!   (Click here for French version of this article)

  • Gianmaria Corona is here for the first time today.  Gianmaria has completed his 1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter FGA 9 and to improve upon the kit quality, Gianmaria used a variety of resin detail items from Aires as well as some aftermarket decals.  Welcome to ARC Gianmaria!!!

  • Angus is also here with his second article on ARC today.  This is his 1/48 Revell Junker Ju88 A4 which also has detailing added using some Aires & Eduard detail items.  Check out the full engine detail and beautifully done paint job.  

  • John McCormick is also here with his first article on ARC today.  This is his 1/32 Revell-Monogram F-4E.  It's always a treat to see someone tackle these big 1/32 kits.  John did some first rate detailing and finished his big Phantom off with a flawless paint job.  Welcome to ARC John!!! 

  • I have a review of the very colourful 1/72 and 1/48 RF-4E Phantom II decal sheet from Invader Hobbies.  These decals are produced by Mike Grant Decals and will produce one of the brightest Luftwaffe F-4's I can think of.


Thursday,  Feb 12  2004  
  • Richard L. Recznik begins today's update with his first article on ARC.  This is Richard's 1/350 Enterprise aircraft wing which include a variety of choppers and aircraft found on modern USN carriers.  Some of his tiny aircraft include dropped flaps or folded wings.  Welcome to ARC Richard.

  • Kaan Gök has just completed his 1/48 Hasegawa F-2A.  This very attractive jet is finished off in Japanese markings and Kaan went to great lengths to get the colours to his satisfaction.  Beautiful job Kaan.

  • Christian Curec is here with his first article on ARC as well. Christian has built the 1/48 Revell Henschel Hs-129 and includes background history about this WW2 tank buster as well as details on building this particular kit.  The weathering job on this one is quite well done.  Welcome to ARC Christian. 

  • Edward A. Fuquay is here with his 1/72 ESCI Hawker Siddley AV-8A Harrier.  Edward found this kit to be quite the enjoyable build and the end result looks very good.

  • Daniel Butcher is here to help you cope with the winter blues.  Today he presents photos from the The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) 2003.  The photos include static ground displays and in-flight photos.

  • I have a review of the just released 1/48 F/A-18C Hornet's Revenge Pt. 6 decal sheet from Cutting Edge ModelworksThis sheet features a F/A18 C with VFA-37 and an F/A-18D with VFA-106.  Lots of colour.


Wednesday,  Feb 11  2004                Iran National Day   
Tuesday,  Feb 10  2004  
  • Brent Leidig begins today's update with his first article on ARC.  Brent is 21 years old and currently in University.  Today he presents his 1/48 Tamiya Skyraider which is his first model using an airbrush for the camo.  This model also includes some very amusing artwork on the nose.  Welcome to ARC Brent!!! 

  • Creighton Henthorn Jr has dropped from the USA by with another of his 1/48 scale gems.  This is his 1/48 Revell EA-6A Intruder finished off in markings for VMCJ-2 with the Marines off the USS Forrestal.

  • Giovanni Chirico is here from Italy with his 1/72 Italeri Vought F4-U5N Corsair.  I enjoyed seeing this Corsair, as it is in the markings for VC-3 USS Princeton - Korea 1953.  Always good to see a fighter from the Korean War. 

  • Jan Mikes has finished a very interesting article of a 1/48 Italeri F-16A Viper.  But this is not just any old viper.....this is an Israeli F-16.....the highest scoring f-16 as well as one of the aircraft that took out the nuclear reactor so many years ago.  This plane is the IAF’s “107“.  

  • I have a review of the new 1/48 A-10A "Black Lightning" decal sheet from Cutting Edge ModelworksYou get markings for 2 Warthogs.....the Black Lightning A-10 with an Anniversary paint scheme based on WW2 P-51's and you also get markings for an A-10 that served in Bosnia.

  • I'm pleased to report all broken links in the Gallery section have been fixed.


Monday,  Feb 9  2004  

Sorry for the late update.......I couldn't get this update finished and loaded as usual. 

  • Neil Burkill fires up our week with his does 1/72 Hasegawa 'Gulf' Jaguar GR1. "Johnny Fartpants".  Neil couldn't resist displaying his model with the nose in the air....yet another great diorama idea.

  • Andy Mullen is an ARC regular and today he presents a model of the 1/72 Airfix De Havilland DH88 Comet Racer "The Green 'Un".  It's quite a treat to see a model of this famous racer. 

  • Lyle 'Tilt' Katchur has finished his 1/48 Hasegawa CF-18.  Tilt has a passion for the CAF and his latest CF-18 shows this passion and devotion.  There's also a  link in his article to his CF-18 website.

  • Jake Melampy is here with his 1/48 Hasagawa A-7D.  Jake used a Black Box cockpit and some after market decals and then finished off his jet with weathering.  A very nice end result is his reward for his efforts.


Sunday,  Feb 8  2004  

I'm focusing my attention on repairing the last of the broken links in the Gallery section.  I expect to have this work done this weekend.

  • Fernando Torre dropped by the ARC Corporate offices....on his sportbike to show you his 1/100 Revell Piasecki YH-16.  This is a case of a modeller reliving the "good ol' days" ....with somewhat interesting results.

  • Wayne Hui is here with his 1/48 Monogram F-100D done up in a beautifully done bare metal finish.  Wayne used some aftermarket goodies and careful skills to get this one looking beautiful.


Saturday,  Feb 7  2004            Grenada Independence Day   
  • Joe Volz begins today's update with his 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A Tomcat.  Although Joe built this one more or less out of the box.....just finishing this highly involved kit is quite the accomplishment.  Joe finished it off with some subtle weathering.

  • Darius Aibara has been busy on his 1/48 Monogram De Havilland Sea Mosquito TR33.  Darius did some old fashioned work and used some aftermarket goodies to turn his Monogram Mosquito into this impressive looking sea Mosquito.

  • Mike Schramm is here with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/48 Hasegawa McDonnell Douglas F4H-1 Phantom II which represents the first Phantom prototype.  Mike built this prototype using very good modelling skills and some aftermarket goodies.  Welcome to ARC Mike.

  • Martin Glogar is here with his second article on ARC.  Martin joins us from the Czech Republic with his 1/48 Eduard P40N Warhawk.  Martin has done some panel line chipping and shading. 

  • Scott Wilson was a "Phantom Phixer" and knows a thing or two about Phantoms.  Today he's done a very indepth review of the book "Modelling the F-4 Phantom II"  from Osprey Publishing.  This review will be of particular interest to the F-4 builders.

  • Henk Rodermond joins us from the Netherlands with his review of the 1/48 Gloster Meteor Decals from Dutch Decals I've included a copy of this review in Dutch.  Click here to see this review in German


Friday,  Feb 6  2004                 New Zealand Waitangi Day  
  • Dan Farnham, David Roberts and Mike Aldridge have joined forces to honour New Zealand today.  The three of these fine modellers present a selection of Kiwi Aircraft used by New Zealand.  Nice one guys.

  • Edward Fuquay is here with his 1/48 Hobbycraft De Haviland “Vampire” Mk I.  A very fine job on this fondly loved aircraft.  Ed provides some info about building the Hobbycraft Vampire.

  • Dave Poff has dropped by today with his first article on ARC.  this is Dave's 1/72 Italeri A-6E Intruder with folded wings.  The paint job on this A-6 is perfect and the wing folds do a  fine job of setting this model off.  Welcome to ARC Dave.

  • I've been busy re-doing all the links in the Gallery section.  They have to be redirected from some old websites to the ARC dedicated server.  I've managed to repair all the Gallery section links except the Prop articles.


Thursday,  Feb 5  2004          San Marino  Santa Agata Day  
Wednesday,  Feb 4  2004           Sri Lanka Independence Day  

Today's update is a bit late due to a local power failure.  I'm not sure what caused the power failure, but considering there were sirens a few minutes after the power went out.....I suspect a car hit a power pole.  Today's update is a bit small.

  • Chris Novak is here with his second article on ARC.  This is the 1/32 Revell Rebulic P-47 D "Thunderbolt" built by Chris as a cut-away model.  Chris has scratchbuilt many interior parts to the fuselage and wing.  Beautiful job on the P-47.

  • Andrew George is here with his second article on ARC.  this is his 1/48 AMT - ERTL S-3 Viking.  Andrew built his Viking more or less out of the box with only the addition of aftermarket decals to get the markings he was after.  A very nice build of the AMT/ERTL kit.

  • Henk Hirs is here with his first  article on ARC.  Henk is from the Netherlands and he's built the big 1/32 ID Models Fokker D-XXl.  This is a vacuformed kit that Henk added extra detail to bring it up to the level he wanted.  Henk has provided some history behind this Dutch fighter.  Welcome to ARC Henk.   

  • Haik Martirossian is here with his 1/144 Revell Avro Rj-85 "Crossair".  Haik enjoys adding working lights to his airliner models.  His Avro Rj-85 is no exception.....Haik has added working leading edge landing light to his latest airliner.  Very nice work on the lighting and model Haik.


Tuesday,  Feb 3  2004 
Monday,  Feb 2  2004 
  • Giovanni Chirico kicks off our week with his tiny 1/72 KP-Kopro Avia B.21 bi-plane.  Gianni has provided plenty of photos of his little post WW1 fighter.

  • Pawel Zerdzicki has been busy building his 1/72 Fujimi F/A-18A for the ARC Aggressor/Adversary Group Build.  Pawel used Twobobs decals to finish his Hornet.  This is Pawel's first article on ARC.  Welcome to ARC Pawel.

  • Robert-Jan Willekens drops by today with his colourful 1/48 Revell SNJ-3.  It's always good to see an SNJ.  Robert-Jan provies some history about this plane as well as some background about building his SNJ model.   

  • Marcius Cesar Costa is here from warm Brazil with his 1/72 Commando 5 Gloster F-8/TF-7 Meteor (Resin).  Marcius includes some history about the use of the Meteor in the FAB (Brizilian Air Force).  I sure could use a warm vacation to Brazil this time of year.

  • Andy Ludwig joins us from the US of A with an amazing simple but brilliant idea about Finding Pylon Holes after you have glued the wings of your plane together and forgot to drill out the pylon holes.  Well done Andy.

  • Recently folks in the UK got a couple of inches of snow.....sooooo.....I thought a few photos of the Trans Labrador highway in Canada might give the folks in the UK a better idea about what Canadians deal with in winter and why Canada is called the "Great White North".

  • It's's here!!!  I have a review of the 1/32 CAF CF-188 Hornet marking 20 years of service decal Sheet from Leading Edge ModelsThis is one cool looking jet!!!

  • In the Test Post Clubhouse there is a new daily joke and a funny SEXY picture.....cover your eyes Ray!!!

Sunday,  Feb 1  2004 

Today is the first anniversary of Columbia's tragic attempt to return home. Pause today to remember the seven astronauts that did not return home.

Today's first article is in honour of ILAN RAMON (COLONEL, Israel Air Force)...and the other members of Columbia's crew.