Sunday,  July 31   2005      

No update today.....I had to work until midnight on Saturday and wake up at 4:30am to leave on a day trip with my daughter.

Saturday,  July 30   2005          Vanuatu Independence Day  

I've been busy this morning giving bike riding lessons to my two girls.  This involves me doing plenty of running and holding onto the seat as I encourage them to pedal faster and faster.  All rather tiring for this somewhat out of shape mid 40's modeller.  I hope they learn fast, so I can go back to my lazy ways.

  • Mark Jahsan starts today with his look at Grumman Generations.  Mark features three different 1/32 aircraft in his article and he tells a bit about each of his large scale beauties. 

  • Eric Fauré is here with his highly detailed 1/48 Heller Mirage IVP.  Eric worked many hours on his Mirage scratch building the cockpit and adding scratch built details all over his model to capture the look of this much loved and famous French aircraft. 

  • Engin Toredi has been busy building his 1/48 Testors OV-10A Bronco.  Engin persisted building his Bronco and ended up with a very good looking scale model of this twin boom aircraft. 

  • Rick Reinbott joins us with his 1/48 Monogram F9F-5 Panther.  The Panther served in the Korean War and has always had a special and appealing look to it for many people.  Rick captured this look very well in his panther which is one of his earlier models.


Friday,  July 29   2005   
  • Khabir Tello C. is here for part 2 of the ARC's Peruivan Independance Day celebrations.  This is Khabir's 1/72 Pantera SU-22M2 Fuerza Aérea del Perú done up in desert type camo.  Khabir did quite a bit of work to make his SU-22 more accurate.....with detailing and weathering. 

  • Dony Alva is here for part 2 of the ARC's Peruivan Independance Day celebrations.  This is Dony's 1/48 Aero Team Sukhoi SU-25 Peruvian Air Force.  Dony was very busy on his SU-25 casting resin parts from his own masters and other truly masterful creations on his realistic model. 

  • Yannick Guegan joins us with his first article on ARC.  this is Yannick's 1/48 Hasegawa B5N2 Kate.  He doesn't tell too much about the build but judging by his pictures I suspect he enjoyed building it.  welcome to ARC Yannick.

  • Jeff Hamel has been busy building his 1/48 Hasegawa A-7E Corsair II.  Jeff used the Blackbox cockpit to get the cockpit up to a very high level of detail and then finished it off with washes to highly the recessed detail in the gunbay and elsewhere on his stunning A-7.

  • Jeremy Neo has a diorama of his 1/48 Airfix FAA Hellcat for you all to enjoy.  Although this is an older kit....that didn't stop Jeremy from turning out an outstanding model of this famous carrier plane.  The paint job has that "never been cleaned" look to it.

  • Martin Morkowsky has been into the bright coloured paints for his 1/32 Revell-Germany MiG-29 Fulcrum A.  This particular paint scheme is for the anniversary plane of the JG73 "Steinhoff".  Martin used Photo Etch to further detail his eye catching MiG-29.  

  • Ken Middleton is here with his photos from the US Nationals 2005 part 1.  Part 2 will run Monday and more photos from this event will follow next week....including the ARC'ers barroom photos....where we had serious discussions about things we can no longer remember...... 


Thursday,  July 28   2005               Peru Independence Day  
  • Juan Alvizuri M. is here from Peru on Peru's Independance Day with his 1/48 Monogram Mi-25 Fuerza Aérea del Perú.  Juan added much detail and put much work into his sharp looking Mi-25.  Have a happy holiday in Peru today!!!

  • Arturo Nicoli is here from Peru on Peru's Independance Day with his 1/48 Monogram T-37 Fuerza Aérea del PerúArturo did a variety of detailing on his attractive Dragonfly trainer including casting new wheels from resin.  Have a happy holiday in Peru today!!!

  • There are a problem with the images not working on  Frank Crenshaw's 1/48 Tamiya Skyraider A-1J  yesterday.  I've fixed the problem and the images are working now.  If you missed it.....his Skyraider is well worth having a look at.

  • Jim Flagg joins us with his 1/72 Planet Resin BTD-1 Destroyer.  This is a limited production resin kit, but Jim found the fit and detail to be very good and he's now hooked on the resin kit.  Looks good Jim.  

  • Rafi Ben-Shahar is here with his 1/48 Accurate Miniature IL-2 Stormovik.  Rafi has built the winter camop version of this famous plane.  Doing the winter camo is very difficult and Rafi has done an excellent job on it.   

  • Jorge Beleña "Yoryi" is here from Spain with his Esci 1/72 F-4E Phantom II.  This is an older kit with raised panel lines, but that didn't stop him from turning out a great looking USAF F-4.

  • Ercan Karakas joins us with his 1/32 Hasegawa Me-262.  I know the Me-262 and Ercan has done this one justice.  


Wednesday,  July 27   2005   
  • Eugene Trapezontas starts today with his 1/72 Revell P-47 Bubbletop.  Eugene built his P-47 out of the Box with some added paint chipping and weathering to complete the package.  A very nice job on the P-47. 

  • Richard Chafer has built the 1/48 Tamiya MiG-15bis.  This is a Korean jet flown by a Soviet pilot.  Richard has included some history on his jet in his article.  He used a resin cockpit and did an outstanding job finishing the paint job on his MiG. 

  • Frank Crenshaw has dropped by the ARC Corporate offices with his 1/48 Tamiya Skyraider A-1J.  Frank's Skyraider is fresh from it's appearance at the 2005 US nationals in Atlanta.  It looked very good in person when I saw it there. 

  • Amit Yaari joins us with his 1/72 Italeri Sikorsky S-58 which he finished in desert camo with Israeli markings.  This is a very nicely done model of the Italeri kit. 

  • Ken Middleton is here with his review of the 1/72 F-15E Throwback Nose Art Part 2 decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics

  • I have added a link to a show you can purchase from the History channel to the The First F/A-22 Delivered to Langley AFB photos I put on ARC yesterday.  This 1 hour show was seen by an ARC'er and he thought it was a pretty good show on the F/A-22.  I have not seen the show myself. 

  • Hawkeye Models in Australia is back business.  Click here for more details.


Tuesday,  July 26   2005          Liberia Independence Day    

      Maldives Independence Day   

  • Andrew Au-Yeung has built the 1/144 Trumpeter Kawanishi Type 97.  Andrew built his seaplane straight from the box with no added details and he reports very well about this 1/144 kit from Trumpeter which looks excellent when Andrew has shown.  

  • Raja Bose has been busy on his 1/48 Tamiya Sea Harrier FRS. Mk.51.  Raja chose to build his in Indian Navy markings.  Raja enjoyed building his Harrier and even added some scratchbuilt parts to get it looking the way he wanted.  Very nice finish model.

  • Sébastien Courbet is here with his first article on ARC.  This is his beautiful looking 1/72 Italeri Henschel Hs-126 in desert camo with some added details to improve upon the basic kit which was built mostly out of the box.  Welcome to ARC Sébastien.   

  • Hideki Inou joins us with his 1/144 Mitsubishi J2M3 "Jack" in US markings.  This tiny 1/144 kit had no cockpit so Hideki scratchbuilt a seat and cockpit floor and made his own decals to complete it .  Quite amazing to do that in 1/144. 

  • I have a preview of the new 1/72 Martinsyde F.4 Buzzard kit  from Pegasus Models.  This kit comes in Finnish and RFC/RAF markings and will ship about now.

  • I have some photos of The First F/A-22 Delivered to Langley AFB.  These photos have been making the rounds by e-mails and I thought they would be a helpful reference for anyone interested in the F/A-22. 

  • I have some new release info about the 1/48 P-40K-5 Warhawk kit from AMtech.  This is a limited production kit, so if you want it while you can. 


Monday,  July 25   2005   
  • Marcus Poerner has built the 1/72 Airfix Lancaster B.III that he received as a gift from his friend.  This beautiful little model was supposed to be on ARC on July 23 for a special birthday, but unfortunately that didn't apology guys.  The Lanc came out very well.

  • Gianni Cassi is here with his 1/48 Academy Mig-29 A completed with eye-popping cockpit detail.  You'll get plenty of inspiration from this one. 

  • Eugene Trapezontas is here with his 1/72 Tamiya FW 190 D-9.  Eugene added some extra detail to his 190 to further enhance the detail level.  It's a beauty...I'm always amazed how nice people can make their 1/72 kits to be. 

  • Amit Yaari has dropped by with his 1/48  Hasegawa AH-64.  Amit has been busy getting the look of his apache just right as you'll see in his photos.  Amit then finished his Apache in markings from Isradecals. 


Friday,  July 22   2005   
  • Here's some photos of my ARC Computer.  I'm outraged Bamford expects to to write raw HTML code while completely drunk on Banana brew.  I never even knew computers ever came with 10 meg hard drives!!!  Or that Zenith ever made computers!!! 

  • Steve Bamford, Ken Middleton and Steve Filak have been having a grand ol' time meeting up with ARC'ers.  Here is a webpage with some New Kit Previews from the Atlanta Nats 2005 as well as sprue shots of the 1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18F.

  • Andréas Hall is here with his A tribute to Mötley Crüe.  This is his 1/48 Tamiya - Motley Mustang done up in a very unique paint scheme.

  • Jamie Haggo has been very busy building his 1/32 Hasegawa Fw 190 A-5.  A beautifully build 190 with an equally impressive base. 

  • Loïc Lemarchand has done an outstanding job on his Bandits ! 2 o'clock high!.  This is a 120mm figure diorama from Verlinden Productions.  This figure diorama evokes many feelings due to it's realism.

  • Pierrig Salaün is here with his 1/72 Hasegawa AV-8B Night Attack Harrier.  Pierrig is a skilled modeller and his Harrier shows this very well.

  • Ken Middleton is here with a preview of a new 1/32 F-16C Golden State Griffins decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  These sheets are available now.  Even while enjoying the Nationals....Ken is working hard!!!  Which is more than I can say for that Bamford guy.  

  • Angus McDonald is here with a preview of the 1/72 CMR Avro York Conversion

  • In the Test Post Clubhouse there is a new daily joke and a sexy picture.

Thursday,  July 21   2005           Belgium Independence Day  
Wednesday,  July 20   2005       Colombia Independence Day  

  First Moon Landing 36th Anniversary 1969  

Bamford has left for Atlanta and he couldn't find anyone cheap enough to run this goofy I'm back....heck I even hacked into the forums and made myself a Moderator with Admin control......I should have the other moderators locked out soon.

Tuesday,  July 19   2005       US Nationals begins tomorrow!!!  

I'm pleased to welcome a new Sponsor to ARC.  Afterburner Decals was created by Mike Reeves and Scott Brown to provide markings for modern jet subjects. It will focus mostly 

on modern USAF/USN subjects, and include many squadrons that have never been done before, but will expand to include a variety of subjects from the modern jet era. Printing is by MicroScale, the best in the industry, and the research comes mostly from private contacts within the squadrons that are featured, so the accuracy level is difficult to top. Detailed color instructions are included that provide information on the history of the subjects, modeling tips and weapons loads.  Buy their sheets at the Twobobs table at the Nationals

  • Meteor Productions will have 40 tables at the US Nationals 2005 in Atlanta selling nearly 15,000 different products!!!  They have tried to organize the products so you can actually see them, most in subject groups. Click on the map to the left to see the Meteor Productions vendor tables map.

  • There will be 425 vendor tables at the 2005 US Nationals.....ponder that...425 tables!!!  Click on the map to the left to see the vendor tables map.

US Nats Hospitality Suite is going to be one great party and you are invited!!!  

Click the image for details.  

This party is sponsored by these companies.  Aerospace Modeler Magazine, Afterburner Decals, Aircraft Resource Center, Albatros/Zotz, American Flight Visions, Belcher Bits, Classic Airframes, Cobra Company, Daco Products, Eagle Editions, Lone Star Models, Microscale Industries, Nautilus Models, Nostalgic Plastic, 

Obscureco, Pacific Aero Press, Race Plane Decals, Rocket Aero, SAMI, Shull24, Twobobs, Yellow Wings Decals

ARC'ers daily get-together schedule will be posted at Twobobs table in the Vendor Room.  We'll meet for meals and drinks.  Go to Twobobs table for details.

Zotz Decals will have some VERY new sheets at the US Nationals.
  • 1/48 French Mirage F1 Roundels of the World pt.1 North Africa

  • 1/72,1/48,1/32 Special "Jason" Greek F-16

  • 1/72,1/48,1/32 Special 50 years Dutch F-16

  • 1/72,1/48 Lancasters.

Zotz Decals will be sold at the Twobobs vendor Tables at the Nationals.
Monday,  July 18   2005   
Sunday,  July 17   2005                Iraq National Day  
  • Jirka Vrabec begins today with his very cool "what-if" 1/72 Testors B-2.  The markings and camo on this Stealth Bomber have a comical side to Jirka's article for the full story. 

  • Paul Hastings is here with his 1/32 Hobbycraft Nieuport 17.  As with all bi-planes the rigging is a trick but Paul had no problem getting his Nieuport looking just right. 


Saturday,  July 16   2005   
  • Lee Wui Chong begins today with his 1/48 Academy Apache AH-64Wui Chong has done some fine cockpit details on his apache and it will look quite good when the decals are on. 

  • Michael Riedel is here with his 1/32 Revell (Germany) F-4F.  This model was built for a friend of his.....with some custom his article for full details.  It must have be a hoot when he presented his F-4. 

  • Victor Küster Tavares joins us with his 1/72 Italeri "Band of Brothers C-47".  Victor was inspired by the TV show "Band of Brothers" and built his C-47 with quite a bit of scratchbuilt interior detailing to create his stunning model of this famous D-Day transport.


Friday,  July 15   2005   
Thursday,  July 14   2005     France National Day -- Bastille Day 
Wednesday,  July 13   2005   No update today......I've been doing summertime activities with my 2 young daughters.
Tuesday,  July 12   2005   
  • I've added a link for Wings, Wheels an Rail Gallery......they have a variety of artwork including Military and airliners  to the ARC links pages.   Military artwork covers planes from WW1 to today's jets.

  • Vjekoslav Ranec begins today with his 1/48 KP MiG-21bis.  Vjekoslav has painted this model 3 times in the past 11 years.....but this most recent job looks like the one he likes the most.  The photos in his article show the well done complicated camo scheme much better. 

  • Michael Johnson is here with an Aussie favourite.  This is his 1/72 Airfix CA-13 Boomerang done up with amusing artwork and weathering.  Michael goes into very good detail about building this model kit.  The finished model captures the look of this Aussie aircraft very well. 

  • Vladimir Nazarov (Nazar) is here with his 1/48 Hasegawa F-8 which has a variety of scratchbuilt and aftermarket details added to improve upon the details on this kit and create this well detailed and weahtered F-8. 

  • Joe Youngerman joins us with his 1/72 Tamiya Fw190D-9.  Joe has a talent for these 1/72 paint schemes and this latest Fw-190 came out looking very well. 

  • I have a review of the new 1/32 P-36 Hawks Part 2 decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  This includes markings for 4 aircraft including an air racer.


Monday,  July 11   2005   

Today's first article is a Hawker Hurricane.....for the folks that just went through Hurricane Dennis.  I'm pleased to see the damaged wasn't as bad as expected.

  • AEX starts today with the 1/72 Hasegawa Hurricane Mk.IIbThis particular Hurricane was flown by the Red Air Force in Finland in 1942.  AEX's model is a well done and well weather Hurricane with some interesting markings. 

  • Jeff Hamel is here with his outstanding 1/48 Hasegawa A-4F Skyhawk that he built out of the box.  Jeff did a great job on "washing" the details to bring out all the beautiful details on this model.

  • Paul Hastings has dropped by with his 1/28 Revell Fokker Dr.I .  Paul has taken this old classic and added some aftermarket details and a fine paint job to turn out a beauty. 

  • Ercan Karakas is here with his 1/48 Trumpeter MIG 19S.  Ercan added some extra resin and photo etched details and well as some scratch building to improve upon this very nice kit to get himself a nicely detail Mig-19S.

  • I have a review of the new 1/32P-36 Hawks Part 1 decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks using the using the Trumpeter P-40B with the Cutting Edge Modelworks resin P-36 conversion set.

  • Robert N. Abbott Jr. is here with some of his Yakovlev Yak-3UA  walkaround photos.


Sunday,  July 10   2005   
  • Rian Jones begins today with hisvery well done  1/48 Tamiya Fockewulf FW 190A-3.  Rian did some extra detailing and provides some well written history about the Fw-190. 

  • Raja Bose is here with today's jet article.  This is his 1/72 Indian Airforce PZL Mielec TS-11 Iskra Bis D.  I've never seen this type of aircraft before, so it was interesting to see Raja do up his fine looking Iskra jet trainer. 


Saturday,  July 9   2005              Argentina Independence Day   
  • Henry Juarez begins today with his 1/48 Monogram F-105F "Thud".  Henry  rescribed his F-105 and added detail items from Blackbox, Legend, Cobra Company and finished it off with sexy nose art decals from  Cutting Edge.  Beautiful F-105 Henry.

  • Konley Kelley is here with his 1/48 Monogram Hawker Typhoon in-flight artwork.  In this image the typhoon has just done what it does best....attacking  a ground this case a train.  A great looking scene by Konley that sets off his Typhoon very well.


My sympathies and condolences go to the people in London.  I have traveled through some of the areas on the Tube that were affected and I have relatives in London.  Londoners have been bombed before.....they have resolve like no other people on the planet.
Friday,  July 8   2005          
Because of the horrific attacks in  London yesterday, I have chosen British content for today's honour the victims of the London bombings. 
Thursday,  July 7   2005         Solomon Islands National Day  
Wednesday,  July 6   2005     Venezuela Independence Day      
No update today.....I've been busy catching up on archiving.
Tuesday,  July 5   2005                   Cape Verde National Day   

  Venezuela Independence Day  

  • The ARC Forums recovered to normal speed when I went to bed last night, but they are slow support is looking into it.

  • I've added a new site called Aircraft Carrier Builders devoted to aircraft carriers and their related aircraft to the ARC links pages.

  • J.C. Bahr starts today with his 1/72 Hobbycraft Northrop F-89B.  If you're planning on building a F-89B in 1/72.....then you'll find JC's article VERY insightful as he has included piles of info to help you along.  It came out looking good J.C.

  • Peter Brown joins us with his 1/48 ICM Spitfire Mk IX.  Peter chose the well known markings for Johnnie Johnson's Spitfire.  Peter used some resin goodies and modelling skill to improve the ICM kit.   

  • I have a preview of the new A-20 and A-26 Decal Preview from Pyn-Up Decals.  These are shipping now.

  • I have a preview of the new V-1 & V-2 Decal Preview  from Cutting Edge.  These are shipping now.  I was surprised by the huge variety of markings on this decal sheet.

  • Matt Cummings is here with his DH Mosquito FBVI Walk Around photos.  Thanks Matt!!  

  • Richard Tsang is here with his Fiat CR42 Walk Around photos.  Thanks Richard!!  


Monday,  July 4   2005                   USA Independence Day  

Today's update features a big variety of American Aircraft.  Happy 4th everyone.

  • Jeffrey L. Appleba begins today with his his first article on ARC.  this is his Stars and stripes 1/32 Revell AH-64A Apache.  Although this paint scheme looks very difficult to do......Jeffrey explains very well how to do this yourself.  Welcome to ARC Jeffrey!!!

  • Martin Morkowsky is here from Germany with one of the most well known US jets.  This is his 1/32 Academy F-16 CG Block 40/50 done up WolfPack markings.  An excellent model from this fine kit. 

  • Laurent Boildieu is here with one of the famous USN fighters from WW2.  This is his 1/48 Hasegawa F6F-5 HellcatLaurent finished his Hellcat with weathering and photos etch and the markings for a very famous USN Ace.

  • Kelly Quirk is here to add to our July 4th update with his 1/48 U.S. Customs BlackHawk.  I've never heard of this US Customs Blackhawks, so it was a treat to see Kelly's model.  Beautiful as always Kelly. 

  • Rafi Ben-Shahar joins us with his well detailed 1/48 Italeri (ERTL) A-20G-40.  You have got to read how he built the life raft behind the cockpit......a new technique. 

  • Jeffry Hutama is here with his big 1/32 Tamiya F-4C PhantomI loved how Jeffry detailed his big Phantom ......excellent detail and weathering. 

  • Frédéric Pierre is here from France with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/48 Tamiya P-47D Bubbletop, which is one of the most famous USAF fighters from WW2.  Frédéric did a fantastic job on the paint scheme.....and it brush painted!!!  Amazing.  welcome to ARC Frédéric!!!

  • Björn Dol is here with his first article on ARC.  This is his little 1/144 Revell Lockheed Martin X-35B JSF.  A fine looking model of this newest of American jets.  welcome to ARC Björn!!!

  • I have a review of the new 1/32 F4U Corsairs Babes-4-U Part 1 decal sheet from PYN-UP DecalsThis sheet features 2 Corsairs....both with sexy noseart.

  • Ken Middleton is here with his "Stars and Stripes" F-A-18A+ Walk Around photos.  Thanks Ken!!  


Sunday,  July 3   2005            Belarus Independence Day  
  • Dima Mudrakou is here from Belarus on the Belarus Independence Day  with his first article on ARC.  this is his 1/72 Italeri/Zvezda Bf-109G-6.  This isn't the highest quality model kit, but Dima scratchbuilt a cockpit and added other details to get his 109 looking very good.  Welcome to ARC Dima!!! 

  • Pierrig Salaün begins today with his 1/72 Hasegawa « VF-1S Strike Valkyrie ».  This is one of the cooler looking models to come out of Japanese animation TV shows.  Pierrig gives some detail about the background of this beautifully done aircraft.


Saturday,  July 2   2005  
  • BoyTG starts today with his 1/72 Academy A6M5C Zero.  Even though this is a 1/72 model.....the level of detail in the paint chipping and gun powder stains is very well done. 

  • Alexandre Kostadinovic joins us with his  1/72 Revell Su-27 done up in an excellent photo.  Well done Alexandre.


Friday,  July 1   2005           Burundi Independence Day   

  Canada Day             Rwanda Independence Day 

  • Shawn Weiler begins Canada day with a huge article he calls Hive Of HornetsShawn has included PILES of Canadian Hornets in his article.  Amazing job on these've outdone yourself.

  • Andrew Desautels is here with a Canadian favourite.  This is his 1/25 "POSSUM VAN" from The Red Green Show complete with scratchbuilt and kitbash details.....including scale rolls of duct tape.  Excellent work just wouldn't be Canada Day without something funny.

  • Jason Liang is here with his "what if" 1/48 Canadian Armed Forces Rafale B.  Not a bad concept.  Nice job on it Jason. 

  • Tolga Ulgur joins us with another of his beauties.  This is his 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk Vb in Canadian markings.  Tolga used Ultracast and Eduard detail items.

  • Emil Varosi joins us with his 1/72 Hasegawa '91 Tiger Hornet in the classic Tiger scheme.  Emil has some very helpful info in his article if you also want to build this jet with the decals from Leading Edge Models.

  • Shawn Weiler is here with a classic aircraft in Canadian markings.  This is his 1/48 Monogram Dakota done up beautifully in this older paint scheme.

  • Dmitriy Shapiro is here with his brightly coloured  1/144 Revell RCAF 20th Anniversary CF-18A HornetYup....this is a 1/144 model in the coolest CAF Tiger schemes ever used. 

  • Emil Varosi is here with his CF-105 Avro Arrow Walk Around photos.

  • Matt Cummings is here with his RCAF Firetruck Walk Around photos.

  • Emil Varosi is here with his CF-104 Walk Around photos.