Wednesday,  Nov 30    2005       Barbados National Day   

   Scotland - St. Andrew's Day 

Tuesday,  Nov 29    2005        Albania Liberation Day  
Monday,  Nov 28  2005          Mauritania Independence Day  
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Sunday,  Nov 27  2005        
  • Li Weiguang begins today with his 1/48 Academy F86-F-30.  This one has a very well done multi-shade bare metal finish and cool looking nose art.  

  • Hal Marshman  is here with his 1/48 Hasegawa Bf-109G-6.  Yet another gem from Hal. 


Saturday,  Nov 26  2005       
Friday,  Nov 25  2005         Suriname Independence Day  
Thursday,  Nov 24  2005             Thanksgiving Day --  USA  
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Gift Certificates

Meteor Productions has gift certificates available for modellers on your Christmas list.  Click here for more info.  
Wednesday,  Nov 23  2005         
  • Gabriel Stern begins today's update with a 1/72 Airfix Short Stirling.  Gabriel has written his article in the usual colourful way I enjoy so much.  Fine looking model as well......despite the kit he used.  

  • Hevesi István is here with his big 1/48 Revell B-1B Lancer.  Yikes.....I can't believe he finished this monster.  His scratchbuilding really adds to this fine looking model.  

  • Shalom Yair joins us from Israel with his 1/35 Dragon SS-1c Scud b.  Shalom built his scud mostly out of the box but that didn't prevent him from ending up with a great looking model of this well known missile launcher. 

  • Gabriel Stern has dropped by with his 1/72 PM Focke Wulf TA 183.  This was a somewhat challenging model to build, but Gabriel did overocme things and end up with a fine looking model.   

  • Ken Middleton is here with a review of the 1/48 F/A-18F Rockin' Rhinos #4 VFA-102 50th Anniv. Jet decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  


Tuesday,  Nov 22  2005           Lebanon National Day 2005 
Monday,  Nov 21  2005           
Sunday,  Nov 20  2005           Mexican Revolution Anniversary  
  • Shawn Weiler starts today with his 1/48 Hasegawa F-18F which he finished in Jolly Rogers markings.  Shawn tells about building this kit and what to watch out for.

  • Leigh Eaton is here with his 1/48 Monogram A/T-28G Cazadore.  This isn't the best kit in the world, but that didn't stop Leigh from turning out a very nice model.  His article also includes history of this "what-if" aircraft 


Saturday,  Nov 19  2005           Oman National Day    Latvia National Day  
  • Hal Marshman is here today with his 1/48 Accurate Miniatures TBF.  Hal finished his Avenger in the markings for George Bush's aircraft.  Hal did some scratchbuilding and includes photos of the interior before he closed up the cockpit. 

  • Tamás Skriba joins us with his 1/72 Dragon Su-24M Fencer’s.   Tamás did extra work on his Su-24's to improve upon the kit detail and accuracy.


Friday,  Nov 18  2005           
Thursday,  Nov 17  2005           
Wednesday,  Nov 16  2005           

No update today.....I've been putting in very long days repairing the ARC Forums.....and they are up and running.  Things are slightly different unfortunately, but you will find new features as well.  

Tuesday,  Nov 15  2005           
Monday,  Nov 14  2005           
Saturday,  Nov 12  2005  
No update Saturday and Sunday.....I'm taking the weekend off to focus on other projects.
Friday,  Nov 11  2005           Poland Independence Day        

Remembrance Day     Veteran’s Day

Today on ARC there is a huge update devoted to Remembrance day and a huge selection of aircraft models....all in Polish markings.  Well done everyone.
Thursday,  Nov 10  2005              USMC 230th Birthday

I hope you all enjoy today's USMC Birthday update.    Semper Fi!!!

Creighton Henthorn is here with a variety of USMC walkarounds:

The hacker Latinpimp returned.  I work for 6 hours to restore the forums on Wednesday night....with no results.  I'll be bringing in tech support over the coming days to sort out the forums.

The ARC Forums were hacked on Monday evening.  Through a focused effort, the ARC team was able to get the forums restored after about 18 hours.  
Wednesday,  Nov 9  2005           Cambodia Independence Day  
I am very pleased to welcome a new ARC sponsor.  They are Design & Marketing Int'l. and they are the exclusive importer & distributor in North America for Contact-Résine 
a French manufacturer of high quality aftermarket resin accessories for aircraft models in all scale, MONTEX from Poland which manufacture a very extensive line of painting masks for aircraft and armor kits. Along with these 2 lines they also carry decals from Hobbydecal, Korea and UPNORTH, France as well as a selection of scale models from worldwide leading manufacturers.
Monday,  Nov 7  2005           Meteor World Speed record 1945  

As you know the ARC Forums were hacked.  I'm attempting to get this mess sorted out.  My apologies for the disruption.

Sunday,  Nov 6  2005           
  • John Smalbrugge is here to begin your Sunday update with his 1/32 Hasegawa Spitfire Mk Vb.  John's Spitfire turned out very's good to see it on ARC. 

  • Patrick Vossenberg joins us with his 1/72 Italeri A-6E Intruder.   Patrick used a variety of very helpful techniques on his Intruder to gets some outstanding results and he mentions some of them in his article.

  • In the Test Post Clubhouse there is a new daily joke and funny picture.

Saturday,  Nov 5  2005           
  • Pierrig Salaün starts today's update with his 1/72 Hasegawa BAC Lightning F Mk 6 in markings for 11 Squadron RAF.  This lightning has quite the history and Pierrig tells about this in his article.  He also explains all he did to his Lightning. 

  • István Hevesi is here with his 1/48 Fonderie Miniature Breguet Br. 1050 ALIZE.  This is a limited run it does require a bit of extra work.....but István's finished model is well worth it.  

  • In the Test Post Clubhouse there is a new daily joke and funny picture.

Friday,  Nov 4  2005           
Thursday,  Nov 3  2005                             Fitr feast (Eid al Fitr) 
Fitr feast (Eid al Fitr) marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting.  This is a time for friends and family to come together to renew relationships.  For more information you can click here  Many ARC members are Muslim and I'd like to wish them a very happy day as they celebrate with their families and friends.
Wednesday,  Nov 2  2005     

Meteor Productions is offering free shipping to show their support and appreciation for our heroic servicemen, Meteor delivers via USPS Priority Mail FREE to military members at APO/FPO and BFPO (British Forces Post Office) and AFPO (Australian Forces Post Office) addresses.  If any of you others are sending a gift to one of our servicemen at  APO/FPO/BFPO/AFPO 

 address, BE SURE to note it in the "Comments" section of their order form (online or paper) so they don't miss it!

Ming Ho is here with his Nov 2005 computer desktop calendar image in all the favourite resolutions.  It's good to have Ming back.....his calendars were sorely missed.

Tuesday,  Nov 1  2005              Algeria  -  The Revolution Day    

A slightly smaller update wife and I were out in a light rain last night walking the neighbourhood with out daughters doing the "Trick or Treating routine....fortunately our daughters were sharing a few pieces of candy to keep their dear ol' Dad content.  :-D