Friday,  Sept 30    2005    
Thursday,  Sept 29    2005    

Bill Lachance will build models for commision.  You can get more info from his website at  I've added his site to the ARC links pages.  You can see his latest model below.

  • Bill Lachance begins today with his 1/48 Monogram P-61A Black Widow.  Bill is not scared off by older kits and this latest model is a treat for the eyes.  Bill has included cockpit photos in his article.

  • Raymond Chung is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Raymond's 1/32 Academy F-16CJ, which Raymond enjoyed building very much.  the finished model ended up looking very good.  Welcome to ARC Raymond!!!

  • Brian James Riedel joins us with his 1/48 Hasegawa Me-109F4-B that he built a while back.  Brian added some extra details to improve upon the kit details and to give him a very fine model.  

  • Gianmaria Corona has been busy building and detailing the 1/72 MPM Hawker Sea Hawk.  Although this isn't the best kit in the world.....Gianmaria build a beautiful model of this attractive British aircraft. 

  • Ken Middleton is here with a preview of the 1/48 F/A-18E/F Rockin' Rhinos #3 VFA-137/VFA-154 decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.

  • Steve Filak joins us with a review of the 1/32 resin F-14A Afghan War Update Set from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  

  • Gordon R. Page has a new book out called Warbird Recovery The Hunt for a Rare WWII Plane in Siberia, Russia.   Gordon had to deal with the KGB and Mafia and ultimately melted a historic plane out of a frozen lake in Russia.

  • Mike Williams is here with some of his Victor Walk Around photos.


Wednesday,  Sept 28    2005    
An ARC regular has sent me a couple of website links to assist you with preparing for disasters.  If you live in an area that is prone to a natural may want to ponder some preparation.
Tuesday,  Sept 27    2005    

I'm using my new computer and it runs excellently.  I've still got a week or so of sorting to do before I'm back up to speed, but I can start up daily updates beginning today.  Thanks for your patience is much appreciated.

Saturday,  Sept 24   2005        

Good news!!  The new custom built machine is installed and running like a dream.  I'm spending the weekend downloading a fresh copy of ARC to my hard drive in the new machine and setting up programs etc.  while the computer is downloading ARC......I'm busy in my workshop building various modifications to my ARC desk.  This desk is a big 4 sided desk 7' by 8' with a tiny gap to get to the centre and is made out of plywood and 2x4's.  As I evolve the design of the desk I will finally get it perfect.....then I plan to build a duplicate desk out of proper materials.  This is a evolution that will probably take another 6 to 12 months.  On Friday I built the 4th side to this monster desk to provide me with increased workspace and a possible workspace to build models with my daughters.  Today I'll be making a custom keyboard drawer and additional 2 drawers for my 2 scanners so they can get off the desk top and into slide out drawers under the desktop.  I also need to build a shelf unit to go above my monitors to hold such things as a printer and fax machine, but I doubt I'll get it all done today. 

Wednesday,  Sept 21   2005        

I bought  a computer off the shelf and began adding extra hardware to it 
(I bought a ready made machine in an effort to get up and running sooner).  This machine got slower and slower as I added the hardware and programs to make it capable of doing what I need to work on ARC.  After 4 days of mucking about with it, I had reached the point of having a completely useless new computer that was locking up constantly and was unable to even download e-mails.  The e-mail glitch  was due to the fact this was a returned wonder I got a "deal" on it.   I removed my extra hardware last night  and deleted all the programs and returned it.  I'm off to a different computer store this morning to get them to custom make me a machine.....this store builds for "gamers", so I'm confident they can meet my needs. 
Sorry for the delay everyone.

Friday,  Sept 15   2005        

My main hard drive on my ARC computer has stopped working.  As this is the 4th hard drive failure this year.......I will be looking into replacing my 5 year old      P-3 computer with a new custom built machine that I hope will be much more stable.  I have endured enough aggravation with this 5 year old computer.

Thursday,  Sept 15   2005          Battle of Britain Day  
  Costa Rica Independence Day                  El Salvador Independence Day 
  Guatemala Independence Day                 Honduras Independence Day
  Nicaragua Independence Day 
  • Chris Swingler starts this special Battle of Britain Day with his big  1/24 Airfix Spitfire Mk1a.  During the Summer of 1940, the RAF flew Mk 1 Spitfires much like this one. 

  • Dan Farnham starts today with his Battle of Britain 1/48 Tamiya Bf-109E-4.  Dan used the very nice Tamiya kit and ended up with a very well done replica of the 109's  in this epic battle.

  • Tolga Ulgur joins us with his beautifully done 1/48 Hasegawa F-86 Mk 4.  Tolga used some aftermarket items from Aires to add to the detail on his F-86 and then he finished it in RAF markings. 

  • Lior Bercu is here with his 1/48 Hasegawa British Phantom FGR Mk.2.  Lior did quite a bit of experimenting with new techniques he learned on ARC and this gavew him excellent results on his British Phantom. 

  • Karl W Branson joins us with his 1/72 Airfix Avro Vulcan B Mk2.  Karl did an outstanding job on his Vulcan and followed it up with equally well done photos.  

  • I have a review of the new English Electric Canberra Part 1 book from the On Target Profile series of books from Model Alliance Group.  This book features 104 colour profiles and colour photos of a variety of Canberras.

  • I have a review of the new 1/48 He-162 cockpit Interior set for Dragon kit from Griffon Model Accessories


Wednesday,  Sept 14   2005         
Tuesday,  Sept 13   2005         
Monday,  Sept 12   2005         
Sunday,  Sept 11   2005      4th Anniversary of the World Trade Center Attack
  • Darren McGuinness begins today with his 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair.  Darren weathered his corsair and folded the wings and finally posed it on a diorama base to get a very well done display.   

  • Maxime Pidara joins us with a great looking 1/144 Revell Hawker Hunter.   This is one of those tiny 1/144 kit.....but that didn't stop Maxime from building a well detailed Hunter.


Saturday,  Sept 10   2005         
  • Duc Huy Nguyen begins today with his 1/72 Academy Focke Wulf 190D.  Huy enjoyed building his Fw-190 Dora and finished it in the markings for JV-44.  The finished model captures the look of the Dora very well.  

  • Michel Koster is here with his 1/32 Trumpeter A-10A Thunderbolt.  Michel used resin detail sets from Cutting Edge to detail his A-10 and followed that up with further scratchbuilt detailing.  All this work paid off with a fine looking A-10.


Friday,  Sept 9   2005                 Tajikistan National Day  
  Foundation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea  
Thursday,  Sept 8   2005     First use of V-2 rocket lands Chiswick area of London (1944)

I will be attending The Victoria Scale Modellers annual show and contest this coming Saturday Sept 10.....Victoria, Canada is just north of Seattle.  Check their website for further info.  I hope some of you might attend the show.

Wednesday,  Sept 7   2005   Brazil Independence Day    Pakistan Air Force Day  


Tuesday,  Sept 6   2005              Swaziland National Day   
  • Eric Bade starts today with his fine looking 1/72 Hasegawa BAE Harrier GR5.  Eric used photo etch on the cockpit and did further detailing on his Harrier to get it more accurate.  His article talks about this kit and what he did to improve it.   

  • Rick Reinbott is here with his 1/48 Monogram P-51D Mustang.  Rick built his Mustang out of the box and recently added some weathering to it.  A good looking P-51 Rick.  

  • Dima Mudrakou joins us from Belarus with his 1/72 VES Su-15TM.  Dima did quite a bit of detailing to his Su-15TM to improve the detail of his model.  The finished model came out looking very good.... especially considering the fact this wasn't the best kit.

  • Andy Frill is here with his 1/48 Academy CH-46E Bullfrog. Andy added an interior from Cobra Company to further detail his CH-46E and then finished it off with weathering to get that perfect realistic look.


Monday,  Sept 5    2005                Labour Day Holiday

No update today.....I'm taking a break today and relaxing with my wife and kids.  I have found the News out of New Orleans during the past week to be emotionally exhausting for myself.  The big success today was my youngest daughter finally riding her 2 wheeler.  Removing the pedals from my 2 daughters bikes so they could get their balance permitted them to teach themselves to ride their bikes......I'm amazed how easy the process was.

Sunday,  Sept 4    2005      
  • Geoff Pereira starts today with his D-Day striped 1/48 Hasagawa P-47 Razorback.  Geoff went to great lengths in paint his P-47 to give it that realistic look and he was successful in his efforts.  

  • Eric Fauré has done an outstanding job on his 1/32 Revell Hunter FGA9.  Eric scratchbuilt so many details on his Hunter including full landing gear bay plumbing and a scratchbuilt ejection seat.  Quite amazing to see his photos.  


Saturday,  Sept 3    2005                     Qatar National Day  
  • Evgeny Dedigurov starts today with his 1/72 “Yakovlev  YaK-25 RW”.   Have a close look at the multi-panel bare metal paint job on this's very well done.

  • Björn Dol joins us from the Netherlands with his 1/48 Monogram AH-64A ApacheBjörn has tells about building his Apache and about what went well and what didn't go so well.  His efforts did eventually pay off with a good looking model. 


Friday,  Sept 2    2005            Vietnam Independence Day  

V-J Day   Japan surrenders in Tokyo Harbour

Thursday,  Sept 1  2005      Slovak Republic Constitution Day       

  Libya Independence Day    Uzbekistan National Day 

I've added a link to to the ARC links pages.  On there you will find photos from a recent  modeling exhibition and competition containing 30 categories, more than 650 models. Look for a link on their main page for this center of their homepage below the top banner.

  • Bill Arnold begins today with his Marx Toys Fred Flintstone-mobile.  As you may recall I recently had a picture of myself riding a 1/1 scale Fred Flintstone car and Bill figured it would be amusing for me to see a model he built of this famous car.    

  • Le Thanh Tung is here with his 1/32 Tamiya F-4J Phantom II.  Wow....the paint scheme on this one will blow your mind.  

  • Armin Knes joins us with his 1/48 Revell PBY-5A.  Armin did a stunning job painting his PBY.   

  • Dean Large is here with his 1/32 Revell F-16.  Dean scratchbuilt details and rescribed his F-16 to bring it up to the standards of other F-16 kits.  His efforts were well worth it as you'll see in his very finely done F-16.  

  • Tom Vrauko has dropped by with his 1/72 Supermodel Reggiane-Re2000.  Tom did some scratchbuilt details and finished his Re-2000 off ina  very colourful and complicated camo scheme.  He has also included history of this particular Re-2000.    

  • Randy Foo is here with his 1/72 Sukhoi Su-47 'Operational' Berkut.  Randy has done an outstanding job on this great looking aircraft model.  A treat to see.  His article includes lots of detail about his model.  

  • I have a review of the new 1/48 B-17 Flying Fortress Part 1 decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  This sheet features 3 different B-17's.