Sunday,  Apr 30  2006                    Netherlands Queen's Day  

    Saigon fell, ending the Vietnam Conflict in Southeast Asia  

  • Sebastijan Videc is here to honour everyone in the Netherlands with his 1/144 Fokker 100 to celebrate the Queen's Birthday today.  Long live the House of Orange.

  • Charles Johnson has been busy detailing his 1/35 Trumpeter CH-47A.  Charles added some figures to his CH-47 and then detailed them.  The cockpit shows up very well through the nose glass.  Nicely done Charles.  

  • Here's a couple of photos and some text about my recent arm injury.  I'm pleased to report I'm feeling a bit stronger today....although I am taking it very easy.


Saturday,  Apr 29  2006 
I received  a very serious cut to my fore arm from a large mirror that broke while being moved.  The mirror was stopped or it would have sliced my forearm off.  It required 21 stitches to the muscle and skin and under lying tissue.  Sitting for very long (2 min) causes shock like symptoms.  I must lie down.
  • Massimo Moruzzi has put quite a bit of effort super detailing his 1/72 Revell Fokker DVII.  Massimo scratchbuilt most of the cockpit, which isn't easy to do on a 1/72 bi-plane.  

  • Jorge Luis Loya joins us with his sharp looking 1/72 Hasegawa F-15E Strike Eagle.  Jorge reworked his F-15 to get the details correct and then finished it with TwoBobs decals.   


Friday,  Apr 28  2006    
The Austin Scale Modeler's Society in Austin, Texas is having their contest on Saturday Apr 29.  Click here for more info.
Thursday,  Apr 27  2006      South Africa Freedom Day 

  Sierra Leone Independence Day   Togo Independence Day 

  • Neil Commerford stopped by the South African ARC Corporate offices with his  1/48 Academy Mirage IIIR.  His Mirage was built with some added details and finished in the striking SAAF colour and markings.  Very nice indeed.

  • Bill Lachance graces the ARC homepage with yet another of his gems.  This is Bill's 1/48 Hasegawa Ki-43 Oscar, complete with the cockpit detailing Bill does so well.  

  • Malcolm Reid also joins us from South Africa with his 1/48 Monogram Su-25 Frogfoot.  Malcolm did an amazing amount of work on his Su-25 including using items from Cutting Edge and finished it all off with a nicely weather paint job that came out looking quite nice indeed. 

  • Oishi Thailand joins us with his big beautiful 1/24 Airfix Ju-87.  You'll enjoy this is sucha  lovely model of this very good kit.

  • I have a review of the  1/32 resin Corrected Cowling for Roden Fokker Dr.1 kit from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  

  • I have a review of the  304 (Polish) Squadron RAF book from  Mushroom Model Magazine.  This book written by Mariusz Konarski and tells the war time history of this famous Polish Squadron in the RAF. 


Wednesday,  Apr 26  2006      Tanzania Union Day  
  • Bill Lachance starts your Wednesday update with his 1/48 Shanghai Dragon Ju 88C-6.  Bill used a photo etch set to enhance the detail and finished it in his usual very high level of quality.  Bill also builds models on commission.  

  • Calum Gibson has been busy getting the details right on his 1/48 Hasegawa A-4K Skyhawk.  Calum added a full weapons load as well as Remove before flight tags and finished it off with Kiwi markings.  

  • Sören Bartusch has done an outstanding job building his 1/48 Eduard Sopwith 2F.1 Camel.  Sören went the extra mile to get his Camel looking just right.    

  • Karl W Branson has been busy building and detailing his 1/24 Airfix BAe Sea Harrier FRS-1.  Karl has proven the high quality of model you can build from this very big Airfix Harrier kit.

  • I have a p review of the 1/72 Tu-4 Bull (B-29) Chinese AWACS/AEW Conversion from Cutting Edge Models.  For this conversion you would use the Academy / Minicraft B-29 or KB-29 kit.


Tuesday,  Apr 25  2006                ANZAC Day Australia and New Zealand   
Monday,  Apr 24  2006 
The Austin Scale Modeler's Society in Austin, Texas is having their contest on Saturday Apr 29.  Click here for more info.
Sunday,  Apr 23  2006      England - St. George's Day  

  Turkey National Independance and Children Day  

  • Kaan Gök begins Turkey's Special Day today with his well detailed 1/35 Italeri/MRC AH-1W.  Kaan used plenty of aftermarket goodies and custom made decals and his usual high level of modeling skills to build this exquisite looking AH-1W....very nice indeed.

  • Stephen Prior has done an extra good effort in building his 1/48 Airfix Sea Harrier FA.2.  This carefully built Harrier will be part of the display by the IPMS Harrier SIG at the 2006 IPMS UK Nationals.


Saturday,  Apr 22  2006 
  • Piero De Santis has been busy doing a stunning job on his 1/48 Hasegawa F-104G Starfighter.  Piero used a variety of aftermarket details items including items from Cutting Edge and Victory Models. 

  • Massimo Moruzzi has done a fine job building his tiny 1/72 Roden Fokker Dr.I.  The markings for this little gem are for Manfred Von Richthofen.  Yesterday was the 88th anniversary of the Red Baron being shot down by Aussie groundfire during WW1.


Friday,  Apr 21  2006               United Kingdom  

Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second 

Thursday,  Apr 20  2006 
Wednesday,  Apr 19  2006 
  • Rodney Williams starts today with two of his 1/72 Tamiya FG-1D Corsair Race Planes.  Rodney has a passion for the F2G Corsairs and it shows in his models and articles.  Enjoy. 

  • Juhwan Lee joins us with his very nicely done 1/48 Revell F-15K SLAM EAGLE that he built from the 1/48 Revell F-15E.  This required some conversions and Juhwan explains some of it in his article.

  • Antonio Armario has dropped by with his 1/72 Airfix Savoia-Marchetti SM.79.  This is one of the bombers used by the Spanish Nationalist Forces in the Spansih Civil War.  The camo scheme would be a challenge to the best modeller....well done Antonio.

  • Girolamo Lorusso has been busy building his 1/48 Monogram A-4F from the 1/48 Monogram A-4E.  Gotta' love those US Navy aggressor markings.

  • William G has been kind enough to send in a Tools n tips article called  Resin Casting 101 Or "How to Not pull your hair out when everything gets gooey".  This will be a big help to anyone wanting to try resin casting.  

  • I have a review of the  1/72 RAF HS/BAe 125 & Dominie Decal sheet from Model Alliance Group

  • Klaus Wälde is here with some Bristol F2b walkaround photos.


Tuesday,  Apr 18  2006    Zimbabwe National Day 

Doolittle Raid - U.S. bomb Tokyo (1942)

P-38 mission to kill Yamamoto (1943)

Eli Raphael of Zotz Decals is very sick in bed and will not be able to process any orders for Zotz Decals until the end of April.  He thanks you for your understanding and patience 
Monday,  Apr 17  2006      Syria Independence Day  
Sunday,  Apr 16  2006         Happy Easter!!!!

  Denmark Queen's Birthday  

  • Malcolm Reid has been busy building and detailing his 1/48 Kopro Su-22M4 Fitter.  Malcolm added a resin cockpit and did other work to get this sharp looking Su-22 looking just right.

  • Tolga Ulgur stopped by the Turkish ARC Corporate offices with his 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk. 1a.  Tolga built his Spit mostly out of the box with some aftermarket details from Cutting Edge and other companies.


Saturday,  Apr 15  2006 
  • Stewart Gordon begins today with his very special 1/32 A-7E Corsair II.  I loved the detail added to this A-7 and the base......including the tie-down chains.

  • Alain Carrette joins us with his very well done 1/48 Eduard Nieuport 11.  Alian finished his bi-plane in the markings for a Belgian ace of WW1.  It's always a treat to see bi=-planes on ARC.


Friday,  Apr 14  2006 
Thursday,  Apr 13  2006 
Wednesday,  Apr 12  2006 
Tuesday,  Apr 11  2006 
Monday,  Apr 10  2006 
Sunday,  Apr 9  2006

 Portugal "Dia do Combatente" Day of Remembrance 

  • Pavol Vilinsky joins us from Slovakia with his 1/72 Hasegawa CF-188 Hornet.  Pavol did some extra detailing with aftermarket items and good old fashion modelling skills to improve the detail of this fine kit.  He then finished it in Canadian Air Force markings.

  • John Morrey has been busy getting the details right on his 1/72 Hasegawa Lancaster BIII.  John tells what he did in his article to complete this jewel of a Lancaster model.  


Saturday,  Apr 8  2006 
  • Mardaga Roger has put quite a bit of effort super detailing his 1/48 ICM Mustang.  Mardaga used quite a few aftermarket detail items and then finished it off with an expertly done multi-shade bare metal finish. 

  • Tony Landis joins us with his colourful 1/72 ARII BD-5’s finished off in a Pepsi scheme.  Tony tells about building this tiny little jet. 

  • Mirko Meier joins us with his beautifully done 1/48 Revell/Monogram Ju-52 Diorama.  Mirko has displayed his Ju-52 in a winter diorama....complete with a kubelwagen and figures. 


Friday,  Apr 7  2006 
CajunModelfest XXI   Baton Rouge Scale Modelers  
 Baton Rouge Scale Modelers will hold Cajun Modelfest XXI on Saturday April 8th .   Information is at  or e-mail David Campbell
Thursday,  Apr 6  2006 
If you have been cheated by Ken Meyers in the Houston, Texas area....please e-mail a testimonial to Mike West/Lone Star Models at
Wednesday,  Apr 5  2006 
Tuesday,  Apr 4  2006          Senegal Independence Day  
Monday,  Apr 3  2006 
Sunday,  Apr 2  2006    Falklands/Malvinas War Anniversary  
Saturday,  Apr 1  2006       Happy April fools Day!!!   
If you missed the April Fools Day home can see it by clicking here.
  • Stewart W. Bailey has some top secret images of his 1/72 F-15Z Striking Eagle.  Stewart includes the full story behind this design. 

  • Sinuhe Hahn is here with some little known history about the Kurt Tankski Ta 183 and it's use during the Korean War.   

  • Rodney Williams is here with his 1/72 Monogram SR-71.  This was a little know SR-71 flown by the the pink reconnaissance colours.