Tuesday,  Jan 31  2006   
If you are the owner of a model company with products to sell, this might interest you.  The 3rd Shanghai International Model Exhibition (SIME) will be held in Jun.3—5th in 2006 in Shanghai , China . E-mail: elfei2003@hotmail.com or visit their website at www.shmodelexpo.com.cn
Monday,  Jan 30  2006
No update today......I'm focusing on catching up on some ARC work.

Sunday,  Jan 29  2006        Happy Lunar New Year!!!
Our family has been ringing in the New Year with large family dinners with excellent food.  
All the best to everyone that celebrates the Lunar New Year!!!
  • Jeff Hamel begins today with his impeccable 1/48 Academy Mig-29A Fulcrum.  Wow....this one just looks perfect.  

  • Liam Hourston is here with an amusing article about his 1/48 Trumpeter Dauphin.  Liam tells all about building his air ambulance in his article.......it came out looking pretty good.  


Saturday,  Jan 28  2006    20th Anniversary of Challenger Accident 
Friday,  Jan 27  2006   
Thursday,  Jan 26  2006         Australia Day     India Republic Day  
  • Le Thanh Tung is here on his Birthday with his 1/72 Hasegawa EA-6B Prowler.  Tung has much skill and you'll see this when you look at his Prowler.    

  • David Thompson is here from Australia on this special day with his 1/72 Ventura Wirraway.  You'll enjoy the historical story in his article...... 

  • Aamod Potdar joins us with his Indian Air Force 1/72 Italeri Mirage 2000D.  Aamod includes helpful info about building his Mirage.   

  • Boban James and Polly Singh join us on this special day in India with a 1/48 Academy Spitfire FR Mk XIVe.  A beautifully done Spitfire with much history in the article. 

  • Murli Rajan is here with his  1/72 Eastern Express MiG 21 M.  Always good to see a model from Murli.   

  • Polly Singh joins us with his Indian Air Force 1/72 Italeri Sikorsky S-55.  Polly gives some history behind this IAF chopper as well as info on building this fine Italeri model. 

  • Aamod Potdar  joins us with his Indian Air Force 1/72 Italeri Jaguar T2.  This little gem is hand painted......amazing.   

  • Scott Brown is here from Downunder with his 1/48 Smer Supermarine Seagull V - Walrus Mk II.  Scott includes some interesting history behind this involved looking aircraft as well as building this model. 

  • Polly Singh is here with his 1/48 Occidental Spitfire Mk IX.  Polly provides historical info and construction help for this very nice spitfire.  

  • Scott Brown (Ozgenie) has built the 1/48 High Planes CAC Avon Sabre.  These are a special F-86 and Scott provides good info if you want to build one of these special aircraft. 

  • Polly Singh is here with his Indian Air Force 1/72 Hobbycraft DHC-3 Otter.  Polly includes plenty of interesting historical info as well as info about building his Otter.  

  • Murli Rajan is here with his 1/72 Italeri Jaguar T2 in Indian Air Force markings.  Murli used decals he made himself.  

  • Polly Singh is here with a colourful 1/72 Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant.  This was not the easiest conversion....but Polly stuck with it and got her done......I really like the paint scheme.  

  • Scott Brown (Ozgenie) has been busy building his big 1/24 Airfix Spitfire 1a.  This is a Battle of Britain Spitfire and Scott includes in-progress photos and much info in his article.   

  • Scott Brown is here with some Supermarine Seagull V (Walrus Mk. II) walkaround photos.  


Wednesday,  Jan 25  2006   

I'm pleased to welcome a favourite company as a new ARC sponsor.  

Victory Models and it's sister operation Victory Productions have been around since 1997. Their aim is, and always has been, to bring the modeler more options when it comes to 

aftermarket accessories (resin/photoetch/decals/etc) and match that with outstanding customer service. For years Victory has focused on the esoteric and hard-to-find modelling products from around the globe and they are always on the lookout for new and interesting products to offer their customers. They also enjoy bringing out their own decal sheets and resin accessories from time to time and look forward to increasing the output in that department. 

Tuesday,  Jan 24  2006   
Monday,  Jan 2 3  2006   
  • Charles Johnson begins the week with his 1/48 Academy CH 46 SeaKnight.   Charles built this colourful beauty out of the box and he covers it in his article.

  • Andre' Bruinsma has been busy building his 1/32 Trumpeter A7Andre' built his A-7 mostly out of the box except for the markings which he decided to paint on himself.  The weathering and weapons make this a very real looking jet.

  • Micah Reysio-Cruz is here with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/48 Academy/Hasegawa F4U-4 done up as a Korean War corsair complete with weathering.  Welcome to ARC Micah!!!.   

  • Jason Cooper dropped by today with his 1/48 Italeri F-4 Phantom II.  Jason did some modifications to his F-4 to make it an Australian Phantom....complete with those wonderful "Roo" markings.   

  • Ken Middleton is here with a review of the 1/72 F/A-18E Rockin' Rhinos #1 VFA-22/VFA-143  decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics


Sunday,  Jan 22  2006   
Saturday,  Jan 21  2006   
Friday,  Jan 20  2006   
Thursday,  Jan 19  2006   
Wednesday,  Jan 18  2006   
Tuesday,  Jan 17  2006   
Monday,  Jan 16  2006   
Sunday,  Jan 15  2006   
  • Fernando del Pino is here from Spain gets things started today with his 1/72 Caproni-Vizzola F.5.  Fernando did extra scratchbuilding to the cockpit and landing gear in his finely done F.5. model to complete the detail.

  • Vince Lucente dropped by today with his 1/48 ESCI US-3A Viking.  Vince did the paint scheme up right on this one and followed it up with weathering to get the look just right.

  • Pierrig Salaün joins us with his 1/72 Hasegawa Hellcat Mk I.  Pierrig did  plenty of extra detailing to his British Hellcat including a resin engine and other details items.  The then rescribed the panel lines and gave it  some light weathering after he had finished the paint scheme. 

  • Radek Lhotsky is here with a review of the  1/72 & 1/48 Kittyhawk III Part 1decal sheet from Tally Ho Decals!

  • I have a review of the  1/48 US 1000LB bomb detail set from Griffon Model Accessories.  This set gives you all you need to make one very detailed bomb.


Saturday,  Jan 14  2006   
  • John McCormick starts today with his 1/32 Tamiya F-4D.  John was very busy on his big Phantom and went with a resin cockpit and a nice big weapons load as well as other goodies he talks about in his article as well as rescribing all the panel lines.

  • Rafi Ben-Shahar has been busy building his 1/48 Tamiya He 219A-7.  Rafi went crazy with Aires detail items on his He-219 and the followed it up with a first rate paint job.  An impressive He-219.

  • Jeremy Housdan is here with a review of the  1/72 Models GE-110 Nozzles (for Hasegawa F-14 Super Tomcats and F-16 Vipers) from 3rd Wire Models

  • I have a review of the  1/48 A6M Zero Dry Transfer Stencils from Hobby Decal.


Friday,  Jan 1 3  2006   
Thursday,  Jan 12  2006   

I'm pleased to welcome Iron Works Models as an ARC Sponsor.

Iron Works Models is an online webstore founded and managed by a professional modeler who understands the needs of today's market. 

The company's goal is to provide a diverse selection of quality kits, materials and excellent service for today's modeler.  As their store grows, it will provide a wider selection of product choices from tools and finishing products to decals, resin and kits. Take a look around to see what they have and make sure you visit the galleries. Iron Works Models wants to be a one-stop shop for your modeling needs. 

Wednesday,  Jan 11  2006   

I'd like to point out that an e-mail went out to all members of the forum yesterday informing everyone that the forum rules had been updated.  This e-mail has alarmed a number of regulars and I just wanted to let you know this was not just mailed to a few people.....it went out to everyone.

Tuesday,  Jan 10  2006   
Monday,  Jan 9  2006   
Sunday,  Jan 8  2006   
  • Olivier Pinsolle begins today's update with his 1/48 Hasegawa A4KU Skyhawk " FREE KUWAIT ".   Beautifully done....check out the cockpit photos.

  • Craig Sargent is here with his  1/72 Trumpeter Wyvern S.4.  The markings for Craig's Wyvern are from the Suez Crisis/Operation Musketeer and Craig provides very good detail in his article about building this gem  


Saturday,  Jan 7  2006   
Friday,  Jan 6  2006   
Thursday,  Jan 5  2006   
  • Alvis 3.1 fires things up today with his historical article about the The BAC/Republic F-114 Napa.   Finally the truth is revealed about this (until now) unknown aircraft. 

  • Llarry Amrose joins us with his Flying Circus.  This one cracked me up.   

  • Gabriele Pugnaghi has been busy building his 1/12 Tamiya Ducati 900 SS.  One of the few motorbikes to make it on ARC.   

  • Bryan Tighe is here with his  1/6 Solarwind Lyra Bust.  Yum yum!!!  Now why aren't bathing suits designed like this? 

  • Nathan Bradford joins us with his  1/48 Italeri F/A-22 Raptor.  It seems the Aussies will be buying a bunch of these....as this one indicates. 

  • Justin Davenport dropped by the ARC Corporate offices with his 1/72 Airfix Bloodhound.  One of the lesser known ideas used by Canada Post. 

  • R Lee Foss is here with his Groovy Grader.  No doubt about it....this baby is COOOL!!!   

  • Nick Walton joins us with his 1/48 Royal Navy Skyhawk FG.1.  Nick has included  acomplete story to go along with his A-4.  

  • Ted Taylor is here with his  Saudi Sheikdom Lightning.  Now this one has the weirdest markings.   

  • Franck Martin is here with his The MILKA® 109.  I quit sugar and chocolate 2 days ago.....reading this article almost killed me.   


Wednesday,  Jan 4  2006     Union of Myanmar Independence Day 

Ming Ho is here with his Jan 2006 computer desktop calendar image in all the favourite resolutions.  This is a great calendar to begin the new Year.

  • Alvis 3.1 starts today with his wacky Ford 1957 ThunderBird of PreyCheck it out as it flies above the Ice Planet.   

  • Michael Stanley is here with his UP Flyer.  This one defies all logic.  :-) 

  • Todd Pollock joins us with his Wookies First Flight???.  I enjoyed this one....but then again......doesn't everyone likes Wookies? 

  • Carl Gootzen dropped by the ARC Corporate offices with his A Gnome with a shovel 1/3.  Well this is the first Gnome on ARC!!! 

  • Vassily joins us with his Santa's sledge.  Now we know how he gets all the gifts delivered on Dec 24.   

  • David Campbell has been busy building his Lets Get R' Done with an AMT Moonscope.  This rig will appeal to all the hunters out there.   

  • Bud Sliger joins us with his  EB-1A Excaliber.  This particular aircraft has a connection to Dreamland and Top Secret aircraft development.   

  • Jojo B Cruz has been busy building his 1/240 JASDF F-4 Phantom II.  You won't believe the work Jojo put into this model.....WOW!!!!!  

  • Llarry Amrose is here with his  Predator in the Western Desert, 1940.  This one will keep the serious armour modellers scratching their heads.    


Tuesday,  Jan 3  2006   
  • Alvis 3.1 begins today's update with his The Watermelon SeedAlvis 3.1 is revealing more US Government Top Secret information.   

  • Mark Jahsan is here with his  CARtoons: A Blast from the past.   Ahhh....these are a blast down memory lane.

  • Matt Jacobson joins us with his 1/83ish "TWEgg" Moonliner.   This is one of the fattest moonliner models I've ever seen.

  • Roy Moseley is here with his Hans Airbus A321.  Ahhh....a new lost cost Airline in Germany.   

  • Dave Bailey joins us with his The RAYADOR.  Thids particular aircraft was used in the Falklands War 2.  I particularly enjoyed the last sentence in Dave's article.

  • Tyler White dropped by the ARC Corporate offices with his Monogram F-15C.   Tyler painted his F-15 in Nebraska Football air force markings.

  • Charles "BlackCat" Sickels joins us with his 1/48 F4U-5.5 Corsair Bipe.  Yuphere's proof of the existence of the bi-plane corsair.   


Monday,  Jan 2  2006  
  • Alvis 3.1 gets things started today with his Tales from Area 51*: Project Harpo.  And of course Alvis 3.1 has a good story to go with his model.   

  • Bud Sliger joins us with his MH-64B GrayfoxThis special aircraft is designed for air support but read Bud's article for the full story.   

  • Habu2 has been busy building his Operation EvergreenYup...have you ever considered decorating your Christmas tree with tiny models?   What would YOUR wife say?

  • William Tsang dropped by today with his Junk yard model 1/10 concept car - "The Cinderella II Pumpkin".  This whole vehicle is scratchbuilt....from mostly items you find in the kitchen and bathroom.  

  • Dave Bailey aka "The Rat" stopped by the ARC Corporate offices with his Sopwith BactrianDave has included the complete historical story from World War 1 explaining this odd aircraft.  

  • Leigh Eaton has dropped by with his F-18 O UberBug.  This is quite the paint scheme on this Hornet......read Leigh's article for the full historical history of this car.   

  • Jim Pernikoff is here with his PU-1 ArmedPitts.  Jim is here with the full political history behind this odd aircraft.   


Sunday,  Jan 1  2006    Silly Week 2006  Happy New Year!!!  

  Cuba Anniversary of the Revolution     

   Haiti Independence Day     Sudan Independence Day   

  • Alvis 3.1 is here to kick off your New Year in a very big way.  Alvis 3.1 is here with his Tony the Tigers' Tank.  This is a very funny story and model....enjoy!!!    

  • Dave Bailey stopped by the ARC Corporate offices with his Transall Shorts Calais & Dover.  Dave has included quite a detailed what-if story to back-up his flying boat model.  

  • Bud Sliger joins us with his  Vampire BR.1.  This little known bomber has quite the service history as you'll read in Bud's what-if article.  

  • Justin Davenport dropped by today with his 1/72 A-10 - Black Warthog.  This particular Black Jet has quite the secret history as you'll read in Justin's what-if article.   

  • Bryan Tighe joins us with his  1/24 Tamiya Peugeot 206.  This beautifully built model is in memory of race car driver Richard Burns. 

  • Michael Stanley is here with his Golden Wings Phantom.  I quite enjoyed seeing this historical paint scheme on the F-4.....it makes a very good what-if paint scheme.